Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, here is an update:

I am exhausted! This has been a very busy week for the Jones'. After our trip to Alabama, we found a new home and we feel we are getting close to selling our home in Starkville. Let me just set the stage for ya.....On Monday, I was "happy." (please refer to the previous post to fully understand what "happy" means) Yep, you read it here first! I was so sick driving to Alabama....then on the way home. While we were there, I was strictly running off of adrenaline. I pretty much crawled in bed when we got home on Monday night. I was explaining this to Donna (Hunter's sweet mom)....and she said that she did this when they bought there 1st car. Cars do not get me. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with a car. A car is a drop in the bucket with a house. We can pay off a car much sooner than a house. However, it's not the whole money thing that gets me. With us, it's simple. Know your limit and stay under it. Done. Got it. What makes me "happy" is the process. Moving from my home that I FINALLY have where I want it, packing up our belongings, unpacking our belongings, redoing a home and pouring money into another home. That makes me "happy." Not to mention, this is where Chapter 2 begins. If I had to tell the truth, I think that is what really makes me "happy!" Can I tell ya that it's scary growing up? It's scary signing for a mortgage, it's scary buying life insurance on the person who you want to wake up beside everyday of your life, it's scary buying a new car, and it's really scary thinking that one day you will be responsible for children! Talk about pulling the blanket back over your head and not wanting to get out of bed!!

Neway, we did find a home! Offers will be made next week....more to come on that. I don't want to get to excited just yet, there are a lot of hurtles that need to be crossed before this is a done deal. However, we did show our home 4 times today! Yes!! 4 times in one day!! Thank you Lord! I have been praying that God will let our phone ring and people will want to at least see our house.....and what do ya know! God is so good! Now, I start praying off the wallpaper at our potential new house! YIKES!

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