Monday, March 9, 2009

WiLd WeEkEnD!

What a wild weekend we are recovering from! Let me tell you now....I am so glad that I am able to post this. The whole time the weekend was evolving, I was thinking of all of great and unbelievable stories I have to share! This stuff only happens to me......and Lindsey Boggan! :)

Well, let's start off the weekend showing our home on a lovely Friday afternoon. This would be great to any normal person. However, to me it was......well, heartbreaking again. If ever a reason I want a is for showing my home. I want people to fall in love with my home, and when they don't I tend to take it personal. Welcome Weekend.

Saturday morning, I should be really excited! The three musketeers are reunited again (me, Katie and Mary)! I get to hang out with my bestest, go and have couples dinner with them, sit around our fire pit and chat about wedding planning for the girls......well, let me set the stage for ya!

Katie and her fiance' Jeremie arrive and Katie is still sick with flu! The flu! While Katie and Jeremie were traveling to Starkville, I started feeling sick. By the time they made it to Starkville.....I had diagnosed myself with a stomach virus! Meanwhile, Katie and I are throwing a shower for Mary! I tried to hold it together for a while.....and then I threw etiquette and good hosting skills out the door! In a slightly joking conversation with a sweet girl attending the shower, she says: Meg, you need to go and take a nap! Trying to be funny and serious at the same time, I replied: Well, if ya'll would leave I would nose dive in my bed!

At 6:30, I take a turn for the worse. If you know me, you know that I do not like going to the doctor. I generally can diagnose myself and keep on going. I have a few home-remedies that I almost use weekly (if I have a headache, drink coffee; if my throat hurts, drink hot tea or start eating cough drops like candy). By 6:32, I was BEGGING Hunter to take me to the ER!! I probably didn't really HAVE to go to the ER, a normal doctor would have worked just fine, but the issue was that it was Saturday night at 6:30- there are no available doctors other than the ER. I was in desperate need of medicine and wanted to RUN into the ER for it!! So, off we go...I will give OCH 2 stars on getting me in to see the doctor quickly. I don't know if it is due to them wanting to just get me out of their waiting room or what? Hunter had to talk with the patient check in clerk because I was too sick t00!
2 IV bags, 1 large syringe of medicine and 2 pills later.....I am feeling good! Feeling so good that I told the nurse who was starting another iv in my other arm that if she didn't hurry that I was going to take the rubber band around my arm off and pop her on the forehead with it!! Apparently everyone laughed. I think I was serious!

The doctor released us a couple of hours later and I have been 100% ever since! I don't know what was the worse......actually having a virus that is comparable to food poisoning.....or having 2 iv bags that make you shiver so much that your body hurts from shaking??

Changing the topic here...Hunter was the best nurse (beside my mom) that I have ever had! He held my hand, hair and helped tremendously with the party for Mary! What a great man!!

People rarely say they are glad their weekend is over, but I was so looking forward to Monday morning after all of this!!


  1. sorry you were sick and had to go to the ER. At least you are feeling better. :)

  2. Oh Meg! I think we need to start praying for the shower in April. I hope that nothing goes wrong when we are in the same town planning a shower togehter! That might be too much! Haha! So glad you are felling better. And shame on you for not telling me you were in the ER getting IV fluids when we talked yesterday!