Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mary's Spring Shower

Finally! Here are the pics from Mary's Spring Shower. You may remember me chatting about this. This is the shower where I had the stomach virus! YUP! The pics, food, flowers and cake turned out great!

Aren't the pics of the flowers gorgeous with the sky in the background??
Oh, I almost forgot.....my blueberry (aka blackberry) has finally died! It died last week. I am using my trusty old flip phone. I could not justify buying ANOTHER $200 phone just to switch when we move to Alabama. So, I'm old school again. If you need immediate response, don't email.....text or call.


  1. what a cute cake... sorry your weekend was so bad...glad you are better

  2. In amongst your beautiful shower, throwing up, and blogging . . Did you buy a house yet?