Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oscar Mayer the Wienie Dog

Oscar Mayer is our baby. That's so surprise to anyone. He is spoiled ROTTEN. To the core! In the midst of our ever busy week, I had to go to Hattiesburg to meet with clients, and H is on his way back from across the U.S. So, the big question was posed.....what do we do with Oscar??

Some of our dear friends Katie and Craig (who are expecting I might add and they are also vets) are keeping our dear sweet Oscar until H gets back to Starkville. Well, as soon as we get to Katie's home, Oscar goes and uses the BATHROOM in their bedroom! Thanks Oscar! Your mom appreciates the embarrassment!

As I was getting ready to leave, my little Oscar man started crying! I felt so bad to leave him! Little did he know, but he is in better hands with Katie and Craig (being the great Vets they are), than his crazy mama!

Here are some pics of my buddy when he was stuck in the sleeve of my sweatshirt...quite comical to say the least.

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