Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not so Fast....

It's very difficult for me to post this. It has been quite a roller coaster week for us.

Saturday, H and I head to our new home and started painting. The owner was being very gracious and was letting us paint. We painted the living room, foyer, sitting room and the right side of the hall. I have ordered new furniture, bought light fixtures, ceiling fans....etc. my list goes on and on.

Monday, we had our home inspection. Due to it being a larger home, the inspector said that it would take about 4 hours. Trying to be proactive, I was going to paint and re-do the cabinets with the realtor (yes, she was going to help me...isn't that great!). In the midst of the inspection, he walks back in the house and told me to stop painting. I dropped the paint brush...literally. The joist and wood underneath the home is rotted with fungus! FUNGUS!! Obviously, that voided our contract. Homeless again.

My birthday lunch (my b-day was Monday), the realtor fed me chips, Milos sweet tea and chocolate ice cream! Woman after my own heart!! H called and said for me and the realtor to find a home, and after work, he will come and look at it. Off we go.....about 10 homes later, we (the realtor and I) found a great home! Yesterday morning we put a contract on it and we are now playing the waiting game. I don't play that game very well.

Since we didn't celebrate my b-day in any form or fashion on Monday......last night we go out to dinner. If you were sitting in Old probably thought that we were mad at each other. Probably 2 words were spoken. We are drained and exhausted. Nothing much needs to be talked about until we find out if we are still homeless or not.

As nauseating as I am.....I see God's providence in all of this. He is looking out for us and providing a way and a great home (at some point) during this journey. Driving back from Ala on Monday, I couldn't thank him enough for laying out his plan so cut and dry to us (he even was able to provide pics of the fungus). Talk about Meg and H proofing a decision!! That is what I'm talking about.

I can't wait for the Sunday afternoon where I sit up on the couch and say:
"H, do you remember what trouble we went through to find this great house....."
H would at this point say yes while reading to watching tv
"Well, I'm glad that it's great and perfect".....then I would get back to my nap!

I'm ready for that Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Thank the Lord that the stuff was found and you had a good inspector! Sometimes pools are nothing but trouble and are big mold and fungus magnets.

    Sounds like you had a few options to looks at in homes, but if its not just what you want dont jump because you feel pressure.

    We are thinking of you guys, know the frustration in home buying.