Friday, May 1, 2009

I Should Be Ashamed!

This afternoon.....I invited my therapist over for dinner.

I know. This was a very selfish move on my part. But, come know that I needed help this week! I am sure that when I talked with several of you over this 5 day span, you would have much rather I chat with Wendi (the therapist) than you! (It's ok if you said yes to this statement).

Wendi, is not only a therapist, but she is also neighbor extraordinaire! Couldn't ask for anyone better. I laugh until I cry when I am with her.....and then wonder if she analyzes me for doing so! ???

Here lately, I have been in need of more "Wendi time" than usual. I have been know to pull stunts like:

"Wendi, tomorrow H and I will be having a garage sale. Come and sit with us and we'll give you pointers on how to sell your home!" (Like we are experts since we have sold 1 home in our entire lifetime)

"H is out of town, let's do girls night."

"H is home, let's do girls night."

"It's cold outside, I've made taco soup. Come over and let me lay on my couch."

"It's warm outside, let's grill out and CHAT."

My list sadly goes on....and on....and on......

Man! I'm going to miss my neighbor! I wonder if the feeling is mutual?? I mean, who would want to chat with me after being at work all day??

Well Wendi: since you lost about $400 on me tonight.....this is for you!

For Sale:
Fabulous 2 bed/2 bath
Closed in garage
new hardwood floors
new carpet
granite countertops
appliances stay
manicured lawn
patio furniture

Email me if you are interested and I'll give you Wendi's # to set up an apt. for her FABULOUS home!! Why wouldn't you want to purchase her home and have me as a neighbor for a month????

We would like for either strong men who enjoy picking up boxes or someone with a large truck to purchase Wendi's home. Selfish?? Me?? Never!!

P.S. We didn't get the 2nd home we made an offer on. We are still homeless. Tomorrow we are looking for a retal home or apartment. Rumor has it that a farmhouse will be looked at.......good thing Wendi is on speedial!!


  1. I told you don't count out the Farmhouse! :) In my non-therapist opinion, renting will be best for you. It gives you time to continue to look, make changes if you decide to build and focus on living in a new town, without the hustle and bustle of painting, remodeling, and making a home. Just relax for the summer. We'll meet in Tupelo for some girl time!

  2. Girl, I know that you are itching to get nesting...we are in the same situation, only we are looking in Starkville. We had two very disappointing options that we were pursuing...God just has other plans. Hang in there...know that you are not alone in this journey!! Take care girlie.