Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

Well, not really. It's not so sweet yet. There is still wallpaper on the wall!

H (handsome hubby Hunter) and I decided last night, 5 minutes after leaving Easter dinner with my family of 20, in the middle of a horrible rain storm and no previous conversations about our housing situation this weekend, we decided to buy the house instead of build. Just like that. We looked at each other.....and just like that we decided. We have NEVER in our wonderful married life, have EVER made a decision like that. H just spelled it out to me. It made sense. The light bulbs went off. God spoke in the midst of the storm. Literally. Without going into finance and square footage mumble jumble....we feel that we making the right decision. 100% positive. Not so sure what/where Meg-o will work in Alabama.....just waiting for God to show me the direction he wants me to go in. I need another thunderstorm! :)

So, here we go. Wallpaper is coming off the walls! Much paint will be furniture must be bought.......but the silver lining....we're gaining a POOL!! That's right! If you must paint a room first and then you can swim!

Gotta run....there are empty boxes that need to be filled!

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  1. Sorry I haven't caught up with you lately. I'm glad you and H have been able to decide on a house! Have fun with that wallpaper coming off. I've heard of lots of techniques to help, but I don't know what is best. I looked up your new hometown and was pleased to see that there is actually a Wal-Mart closer than Fulton, MS. I think you will survive. :)