Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SOLD!! To the highest bidder!

Here we go!! Our home is as good as sold! Last night it became a done deal. The new owners are coming over this afternoon and we're signing contracts, picking a closing date and a moving date. I certainly gasped when H (aka Handsome, Hubby Hunter) told the new owners we could be out by May 1st! Well, H, there is a slight problem with that! WE DON'T HAVE ANYWHERE TO MOVE INTO TO!! After we did a happy dance with Oscar, our plan of action goes something like this:

  • Monday, meet with builders. We have found THE PERFECT house plan for us! It is one that we can grow with and it meets my demands (a dining room and a screened in small back porch). The porch is a big deal for me. I really want a place of refuge from all of the stress we are coming out of and about to go into. Plus, how neat would it be to take a Sunday nap in a screened in porch with our pretty much dry-rotted hammock we bought on our honeymoon??
  • If we choose not to build, the home that we originally put an offer on and the lady came off the price by just $1,000, well she has met our asking price now. So, that is now back in the running.
  • If we choose to build, we will have to do a rental home due to the fact the apartments in our new little home town are GOVERNMENT HOUSING!!
  • Sweet H came home yesterday and was so proud to tell me that one of his co-workers offered up their farm house. Nope! I can't bring myself to do that. Even if it is free!! I can't do that when we can live in a brand new home for the price of what I paid in Starkville for my one bedroom apartment while I was attending MSU!! Did I mention new??

We will see what and how God will continue to provide! I hope God provides movers!! I have already summoned my sweet parents....I told my dad that he owes me that for being my dad! :)

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  1. justin and I are so excited for you and H! I know God will provide the best place for you to live. And you know that justin will rent out our guestroom! :)