Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meg-o is not Preg-o!

I have lost my mind! I think it's the whole homeless thing that has done this to me. Let's recap what I have been doing lately:

1. I lost the checkbook. (Found it in the closet, 3 purses ago)

2. I lost $400....in cash mind you! (I didn't tell H about this one. At this point, you are probably thinking that I am just careless. Well, not so fast. I had so smartly put this cash with our Dave Ramsey envelopes. Smart idea...until you forget.)

3. I took a Movie Gallery Movie to Blockbuster! (Had no clue I did this until Movie Gallery called and said that we had an overdue movie. I thought HUH...I took that back last week. Then....it clicked! HOLY MOLY! I run off to Blockbuster....explain....and they give me Benjamin Buttons back to take to Movie Gallery.)

4. Sunday afternoon, being proactive, I write out checks for a few of our bills. Smart right? Not so fast. I take the 3 steps from our front door to the mailbox and took great pride in lifting up the red flag. I was smiling because I was on top of things. Well, on Monday, I check the mail.....and my bills are still there. Yep! You guessed it. I didn't put stamps on them!

I laughingly tell a few friends about my crazy stories.....and they all said the same thing. "I must be preggers!" Sad to report...this is all me. No bun in this oven. This is just Meg....frazzled and stressed to the max. Who knows what I will do today! Keep money away from me!!!

P.S. Benjamin Buttons was AWEFUL!! Let me give you a quick recap. Brad Pitt was born as a 98 year old man.....and dies as a baby. The end. That is the story concept. Aweful!

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  1. you scared me for a sec there.. thought I had missed something!

    agree about the movie!! bla