Monday, May 25, 2009

Greetings from Orange Beach!

Hello from Orange Beach! H and I took a mini/quick vacay from the ever mounding boxes from what is now called our tiny matchbox.

Last Sunday, Brooksy (cousin) called and asked if H and I would like to join her and her bf at his beach house in Orange Beach. Before I got off the phone with her.....we pretty much had our bags packed and our floaties on our arms all while standing at the front door sitting on go! You don't have to ask the Jones Family twice!

Eleanor (my dear sweet mom) was volunteered by me to keep Oscar Mayer the Wienie dog while we played on the beach for 4 days! Every time he would have an "accident" inside the house......she would call just to tell me! She really doesn't do the whole pet in the house thing. However, she sucks it up and does it for us.....MUCH THANKS MOM!! is a pic from day 1 of our mini vacay:

Rain rain go away...come again another day!

We had just made it to the beach, settled in our chairs, feet finally in sand, chapter 1 of trashy book......and then this lovely cloud appeared. Monsume!

Great excuse to head to the outlets! Thank goodness we have a SUV!! You would think that we had not shopped since last year......or that we didn't have to pack up what we were purchasing!

Here is documentation from our dinner at Flippers:

Me and H

Brooksy and Toddy

FINALLY....after rain last night and this morning.....we were able to finish a day at the beach.

Just in case you were wondering.....we were unable to take the "original" white shirt and jeans pics that we will use for our Christmas cards....however, the Walley/Jones fam will celebrate mom's b-day down here at the beach in July....and rumor has it, the family photo will be taken at that time!

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