Monday, June 8, 2009

News from the Home Front

Here's the latest regarding our homeless living:

Last Thursday, H and I toured the foreclosure home hoping that it would be grand so we could make an offer on it. Well, what do you know. God comes through once again! Who would have though!! :)

On the drive to no-where-Alabama.......I prayed that God would either blow me away with the home....or let it have so many issues that we would feel compelled to go sign a lease at the 2-bedroom apartment complex that has a laundry-mat in the "court yard."

I think God let the home be so wonderful because he knew that I wouldn't give up my new washer and dryer so easily! I'm not above laying across them and crying in Lowe's or even hiding out in the dryer. Oh, pleeassse.....don't pass would do it too!

Neway, God smiled. My biggest concerns going into the house was, kitchen cabinets, master bathroom and closet. God had me in mind when he built the home! I was like a little girl in a Hello Kitty shop!

Here is the dining room. Kinda reminds me of the White House....LOVE LOVE the chandelier!

Would you look at this kitchen!! I think my eyes were tearing up when I took this picture! THANK YOU LARD!!! (yes, I said Lard. The lady from Lowe's inspired me) This is the only room that I would have to re-paint. In the pics it looks fine. However, it is blue with a faux finish with yellow peacock curtains. Pretty curtains.....but, not for Meg-O. I'm still loving my grape/wine motif that we have going on here. Plus, if I didn't use my expensive curtains that I told H we would use the rest of our lives (that was my final argument right before the purchase), I think he would make me pull a Scarlet and have a dress made out of them! I know your laughing.....but, I wouldn't put it past him!

When I saw the bathroom......I did a little dance! Amazing! The previous owners get a A++ on designing this bathroom. I'm very compelled to send a thank-you note for having such good taste. Oh, minus the animal print curtain that you are seeing here. I really don't like looking at lions, tigers or elephants while I relax in the tub or make my midnight bathroom run. The walls in the bathroom look like leather. They are brown with a faux finish! Fabulous!!

So, the papers were signed. Mortgage company has the offer. Waiting game is being played. We hope to get the mortgage company's counter this week! I hope the mortgage company remembers that we are drinking out of solo cups and that I make one-skillet-meals at this point. For the love of my marriage and sanity......this transaction needs to be expedited.
I'll keep you posted!


  1. OH what a dining room. I love love love the kitchen cabinets, too. I want you to know I just sent a prayer up for you. I have been keeping up with the house journey, and from first hand experience it is NO fun. Good Luck!

  2. Beautiful! Prayer sure does work and you see that. Great decision!