Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Fabulous Life of.....

Welcome to the story of the fabulous life of Meg. Insert sigh here.

To put you up to speed in a matter of a sentence, we got the house. YIPPEE! It hasn't hit me yet. I haven't cried, jumped for joy, screamed or even fallen on my knees. However, I have scheduled in my planner to do the above mentioned on July 6th (closing date).

Yesterday was the infamous home inspection. Sing with me:


I'm not going to lie, I had a knot in my stomach on the way to Winfield. However, all turned out well. So well, I was in quite the chipper mood. We absolutely love this home for many reasons. H's number 1 reason is the man cave. Humans know this as a "shop." This shop is almost the size of our humble abode now! Well, maybe the living room and kitchen. Neway, it's the reason we are buying the home according to H. Well, over the span of 3 homes, the home inspectors and I have gotten to become friends. They are the funniest guys ever! Great sense of humor and personalities. Big-jolly guys that love life. We were all so excited the home passed inspection that we decided to play a little joke on H. We called H and the home inspector chatted with him. He told H that his beloved little/big shop was termite infested and it was so bad he recommended that it just be torn down. No hope for it. Lost cause. I could barely breath we were all laughing so hard. H didn't find it funny. He told me that he thought about making me live in the shop while he turns our house into his man cave! Just in case you were wondering, yes.....I did pay the home inspector an extra $5 for doing this for me! :)

Ok, so we got the green light with the house. Yippee....Whoo, let's get to work. My poor car was packed down with cleaning supplies, vacuum, carpet shampooer, mops, etc. All I have to say it that Merry Maids have NOTHING ON ME!!

Let me just set the stage for you. Old shorts, t-shirt, Guy Harvey pink ball cap, Alabama in June, 134 degree weather, home with no air (must get fixed by July 6)........are you seeing what I saw??? HOT HOT HOT MISERABLE!!

Here I base boards, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, shampooing carpet, lining cabinets......did I mention 134 degree air. By 3:32 pm, I was a mess. Ok, that is a lie. By 9:56am, I was a true HOT MESS! However, I kept cleaning on.....and on.....and on.....

By 3:35, I had enough. I was nasty! However, I need to make use of my time there. So, I kept pushing on (the vacuum that is). Within the next few minutes, I head to Wal-Mart. My buggie looked something like this:

1. $8 Moo-Moo (sorry mom for making fun of yours, I kind of like mine)
2. $1 panties (you can imagine what they look like since they cost $1)
3. Dove soap
4. Bottle of Shampoo
5. Bottle of Conditioner
6. Mini Brush
7. $1 washcloth
8. $1 towel

Best shower I have ever had! D-I-V-I-N-E!!

We left our new home......which is white.....therefore, it's now called the White House (hey, it's only fitting with the curtains in the dining room.)

Neway, left the White House and go to the Sonic-like-establishment named Cardinal. Like the bird. We decide our order and H talks into the speaker that hasn't been updated since the 70's.....$8.02 was our total.

Our perky waitress came to the car. Since our order, I had hopped in the car with H to make our order and get our food. H gave our debit card to the waitress.......oops! They don't take cards. Ok, no problem. I told our perky high school waitress, no problem, let me get my purse and write a check (we didn't have our entertainment envelope with us, sorry DAVE) I was talking to our waitress, I was pointing to my car beside H's car. Please keep in mind, H is drenched with sweat and I am wearing a bra.....wet hair.....high ponytail on the top of my head....glasses. HOT STUFF....... I know.

The waitress said..... OOOHHHH, we don't take out of town checks. Two things took me off guard with this statement.

1. You don't take checks
2. You knew we were out of towners! WOW! Small town.

However, the waitress said, since you drive a Volvo, I think your $8.02 check will clear.

Ya think?

After she walked away, H and I cracked up!! Trying not to spit my out my ice cold Pepsi......I told H that I was so glad that I was not driving the Green Machine, otherwise we would have driven home hungry!!

Knowing this........ made me savor my corn dog nuggets and Pepsi a little more than usual on the drive home.

Ahhh.......The Fabulous Life of Meg!

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