Saturday, July 4, 2009


This afternoon when I took my shower, I swear, I was swaying back and forth! Let me give you a run down of our crazy life these past few days, and then I'll give you the pics to commemorate our 4th of July!

Sunday: Tear down the house...and then pack it up.
Monday: Early morning, pack the car and head to the beach.
Tuesday: Beach
Wednesday: Beach
Thursday: Wash clothes at beach and head to Lake Martin (Aunt Fran's and Uncle Jim's house)
Friday: Lake
Saturday: Lake with boat parade and fireworks
Sunday: Head to Starkville, pack up Uhaul
Monday/Tuesday: Move

In the midst of our WONDERFUL getaway......we were told we could not close on our home on Monday. After shedding tears, Meg-O got mad! I don't think that we are pushing this back. I am packed up. I'm sitting on go. My parents are coming to help and have taken off from work. Uhaul has been paid.......we are not pushing this back! I made a phone call and raised havoc! (In a nice Christian way of course!) I asked the oh-so-smart lady where she would like for me to send the bill for our hotel and prepaid Uhaul due her NOT SCHEDULING OUR CLOSING WITH THE ATTORNEY!! Are you serious! Why? Why is she making money off of us?? Why? This is wrong on so many levels. 10 minutes later, she called back and said we are now back on track on closing on Monday. Thank You! Why couldn't we have done this right the 1st time?? Why must you make me get ugly?? Why?? I am trying so hard not to be ugly to stupid people while doing my new Bible study! Why must you test me? My hour of prayer, Bible study and meditation on the pier at the lake was ALMOST shot to heck with this crazy lady!

Anyway, here are pics of our past week. It's ok to be jealous! On Monday and Tuesday, I will be wishing to be someone else as we unload our Uhaul!

Nathan looks so happy to hold Oscar up against his white shirt.

Me and my baby brother Nathan....

This is H in 2058! Bless his heart, this little old man gave me so many photo opts! I could not get to my camera fast enough to take the pic of him and his 78 year old wife asleep on the beach with their mouths WIDE OPEN!


5 year old glamor shot....
AB and Uncle N...

Pics of the boat parade on Lake Martin....

We had such a great time on Lake Martin with Aunt Fran and Uncle Jim! We will spend every 4th of July from here out on Lake Martin. I love Aunt Fran and Uncle Jim for a lot of reasons.....but, one reason near and dear to me is their ability to cook.

Thursday night: HUGE hamburger

Friday night: bacon wrapped filet mignon!!!

Saturday night: ribs

I defiantly got my fill for red meat in the last 3 days! We (H and I) ate so much, that after each meal, we had to take TUMS due to our HEARTBURN!!

Now it's back to the real world of moving and ham sandwiches!

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