Thursday, July 16, 2009

It Takes A Village...

This post is LONG overdue.....however, it takes a week and a half to get internet in Alabama!

Ya'll, I have so much to share and I am pre-warning, this post is going to be all over the place.....but,'s gonna be good!

I would like to first, thank the Village: Brent, Ellie and Mar! What a team we had going on!! Dad and H unloaded the Uhaul, Mar set up my ENTIRE kitchen....and mom and I would come up with furniture layouts.....and then change our minds.....and then change them again!

Mar! What a girl! She is the kind of friend that EVERYONE wants/needs! She just celebrated her one MONTH anniversary with her new hubby. However, she came to nowhere and helped us unpack and spent the night! Thanks to Stan for letting go of your girl to have her be my helper. If you really want to know the truth, I was more of her helper than she was to me!

Here is sweet Mom! What a trooper! I think if she were to have wreaked on the way to Alabama.....she would have never felt it due to all of the CLOTHES in her car! Her backseat was literally packed to the ceiling!

We have a LOT OF STUFF! However, you don't call it stuff when it's 2:30 in the morning and your STILL LOADING!!

Dear Uhaul,
You lied. Your truck drives like a bull running through the streets of Mexico. The air conditioner doesn't work and your employees do not like their job.
Much Love- H

So, we get to Alabama....and the realtor STILL didn't have all of our paperwork together. Imagine that. So, we did what any normal person would do.....we unloaded the truck!! We lived in someone else's home for 3 days before we closed!

After our stressful week, we made the collective decision to go and visit Jesus. Off we go.....we pulled up to church and it looked like a used Buick car lot!

We are not in Starkville anymore! No more college students making us feel younger! Church was good....more traditional than what we are use to at Crosspoint. However, sweet sweet people! The people we didn't get to meet at church, introduced themselves to us at Wal-Mart.

After church, we hit up the local Mexican restaurant. I mean, why break traditions now?? If you know me......I'm no quitter! We ate for $10 (not including tip!) My meal was $3.50!! Taco, beans, rice, tea, chips/salsa! Anyway, while admiring the decor at the Mexican establishment......I notice a mural of a Mexican Pirate Ship?? Seriously?? A Mexican Pirate Ship?? Of all the things that come to mind to paint on a wall......a Mexican pirate ship would be at the bottom of my list!

So, I added the Mexican pirate ship to my bullet point blog list that is on a white luncheon napkin that I have carried around for a week!

Next bullet point: Home run derby! Did anyone else become furious with their husbands for watching this? Talk about useless television!! GAHH!! I told H to never fuss at me for watching Desperate Housewives!

Next Bullet point: I burned my hand. Long story short.....I picked up a hot skillet handle. I am not one for pain. I don't even like for my blood to be drawn. I cried straight for 45 minutes. I didn't just cry. I BALLED....uncontrollably.....I cried the nasty cry. I talking mascara EVERYWHERE.....SNOT....I was crying like my mama just died! H and Oscar pretty much left me alone and let me be in pain.

Later in the night after a good dosage of pain pills and blueberry oatmeal.....H informs me that I am going to be a peach to deal with when "we" birth a baby. Haha...I like how he said "we"!

Well, it's time to start on that I have internet......I don't imagine that I'll have a shortage of stories to blog about!

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  1. So gla that you and H are getting settled in and finding a church. I love that they saw you at walmart and talked to you. What a wonderful welcome to a small town. Hope we can see it soon.