Friday, July 24, 2009

Observations from Alabama

This is the close of our 3rd week in Alabama. Since the big move, I have observed quite a few things.....I would like to share those with you now:

Observation #1: They have tv channels where they sell things such as lamps, buckets, rugs and etc. It's like the trade winds catalog meets tv. Or the way I see it: QVC can no longer pay their employees and they called on volunteers and this is what you get! They even have a plastic banner behind their 6ft table!!

Observation #2: It gets DARK in Ala. At 4:30am when Oscar does his do in the is DARK DARK here! I couldn't even find Oscar in the yard this morning....I started the "whisper yell" to find him.....I didn't want to wake up H, the neighbors or the subdivision dogs that love to urinate on H's grill!

Observation #3: Everyone here thinks Bear Bryant is alive! I have NEVER seen so MUCH CRIMSON!! Right now my little bulldog is in the garage by steps leading into the house......HE HAS TO BE MOVED!! I did find our MSU flag! I can't wait for football season!!

Observation #4: I know when our mail is delivered due to the fact our mail lady doesn't have a muffler on her car. Opps!! Here she comes!! No kidding!!

Observation #5: The "cool" hang out for the high school kiddos is behind the Texaco station. Like, literally behind the gas station.....

As I continue to learn about our new town......I'll keep you posted!

Oh, on a random note: today while flipping the tv channels......I stopped on the HSN channel. They were selling Waterford crystal. I'll admit, I watched for about 10 minutes. I love Waterford, I only have one piece though. Anyway, they had the most bubbly lady on there and a guy who should reside in California if you know what I mean. They were selling a BEAUTIFUL hand painted angel ornament. Very Very pretty. I'll admit, I almost bought it. They were winding down their talk, getting ready for the next item........and then, I lose it! Laughing out loud while watching a shopping network, at home by myself. Sad! The guy says "This angel is very stylish as well. She has on a gorgeous dress, and look........... she not only has high-lights, she has low-lights as well!"

No he didn't!

He didn't just talk about an angel having low-lights!!

I didn't buy the angel. However, I am about to purchase a sugar bowl. H broke my $40 sugar bowl. AHHHH!!!!

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  1. City lights aren't bright in the country - of course it is dark in the country! Don't worry, the country girl in you can't stay hidden for long!