Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Very Mary Perry Weekend

How do you repay one of your best friends for helping you move into your home?? Do you write a thank you note? Do you take her out to lunch?? Do you send a gift card?? I don't think so....

You take her to Birmingham and make a day out of facials, manicures, pedicures, lunch, shopping, movies and LOTS of good gossip!

Mary had to not only deal with me.....moving in a new 110 degree weather.....but, she had to hang out with H who was MAD at me for tearing up our garage door within the first 5 minutes of us being in our new humble abode (disclaimer: the door is now fixed again....thanks to me though. I walked on egg shells to tell H the engineer what he needs to do to fix it.....and what do you worked.) do you thank a friend for being so self-less??

Well, I decided what I wanted to do for Mary the night we moved in the house.......Mary needed a facial! My conceitedness had NOTHING to do with the Mary Perry weekend!

Saturday morning we left @ 8am and headed for Birmingham.......we felt like queens: wining, dining, shopping, laughing, and being girls on our hubby's dime! :) Oh the perks of being married!! When I told H that I wanted to take Mar to the spa......he said, "well, why don't you just give her a gift card to the spa? That would save me some money by not sending you." Such a typical guy response! I don't think it works like that. Girls have to go in pairs to the spa. I quickly explained to H that me sending Mar to the spa by herself would be like me sending him to the golf course by himself.....or just buying 1 ticket to a football game where you didn't know anyone else. I think he understood at that point! Gah...what was he going without her! Men are clueless! :)

Ok, switching gears you know, I don't scrapbook. I blog. I blog because it takes 5 minutes and no brackets or special scissors. However, Mary is THE scrapbook queen!! I don't know if you remember me talking about having 3 incomplete scrapbooks. Well, since the scrapbook fairy doesn't exist.....I told Mar to bring some scrapbook stuff and I'll try to wrap up my scrapbooks.....LARD did she bring the scrapbook supplies!! She has a suite case with supplies in it.......that rolls.....that weighs 100 pounds! She pretty much has Hobby Lobby on wheels! I told Mar that I was just going to help myself to her supplies and then replace them. I think that my replacement money would be better spent on dirt than more supplies for her! She has a TON OF STUFF!!! Seriously though, Mar is a genius with scrapbooks!! She gives me great's some pics of what I did Friday night until midnight and Sunday afternoon for 3 hours....................................................I live in the woods....what else is a girl to do?? Yard work?? House cleaning??

Here are some of the pages that I "created"....sorry about the poor quality...I'm tired and the flash reflects on the pics, so I turned it off.

We served Jones Soda at our wedding.....hence Jones being our last are some of the groomsmen with their Jones soda.....

Again, the pic isn't's just what happens when you take a pic of a pic.....
This was when my sweet hubby was giving a toast in my honor!! How sweet is that!!

This is a pic of Donna, Mimi, Heather and Greg.....the sticker says "Mother of the Groom"


  1. When I have a baby, which Lord willing will be in 2010, I think I might fly Mary out to Houston for a scrap booking weekend...or more like "come visit my cute new baby and make me a scrap book." Haha! So glad you got in good girl time.

    I need to call and catch up with you Mrs Jones!

  2. glad to see some of the pics I took made it into your book!

    I have that one of us and the one of you and hunter at the cake in the livingroom.

    If we have to move closer to atlanta if this CNN jobs happens can Mary come help me too!!!