Monday, August 3, 2009

Observations from Yoga

This morning was my 1st yoga class in Winfield. Here are my observations:

1) I am the yougest person in class. By 30 years.

2) I can not balance well.

3) My mat is the cutiest one in the class.

4) There is an oxygen tank in the class. Comforting. The more I thought about this....the more it worried me. Generally, you don't have an oxygen tank in a yoga class. Maybe a step class, but not yoga. Someone MUST have needed air at some point for them to keep an oxygen tank in YOGA!

Ok...I've gotten several requests to post pics of our new home. Well, I'll get to that! I'll post pics of the clean rooms when I clean them. Since H mowed the grass over the weekend......that will be the 1st pic......tomorrow.

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