Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

I enjoyed the most delightful weekend.

H and I had a convo on Thursday night that involved us agreeing that we do not spend enough time together. Although we live together, we never see each other. We are both currently in grad school, so, that tends to throw a cramp in our style. Our schedule is generally go to work, come home and cook and/or eat dinner, do school work, go to bed. Monday-Friday this is our pitiful schedule. Anyway, we decided that we are going to start saying no to all of our traveling and invitations to parties, games, etc....and spend that time together. Again, this was on Thursday. After our convo, H said, "well, let's not go to the game on Saturday, and let's stay at home, sleep late, and just spend time together doing nothing." That was music to my ears! I was pumped. I was so pumped that I made plans for us to travel to Tupelo to have a double date with Mar and Stan. (kinda defeats the purpose of H and I spending time together)

Feeling bad for infringing on "Meg and H time," I tried justifying it in my thoughts included...."oh, we have an hour going to Tupelo and an hour coming back".....that's enough time to catch up on life?? Right??

Well, H spent the hour traveling to Tupelo on the phone going over work stuff. I spend the hour coming home with my seat reclined back in a comatose state with my butt/back warmers on dreaming of how I could take my car seats to work with me.

While in Tupelo, my weekend plans made a DRASTIC change. H called as Mar and I were dropping $20's like they were going out of circulation at Celebration Village. He said that one of his friends called him and offered us tickets to the game. Seriously??? Did we not just have a convo the night before about how we do to much?? H said, but, the thing is ......there's only one ticket. Ok buddy, let's go back and use correct grammar. (S) means we both go, no (s) means Meg just got left at home while H enjoys the game.

To H's surprise....I quickly said.....Head out. Enjoy the game. Let me pick out your clothes. Go dawgs!

I had envisioned staying at home in my pj's stuffing my face with the essential food groups:

1. pizza
2. ice cream
3. popcorn
No one was taking that away from me! I was completely fine with sitting at home and lying horizontally on the couch snuggled up to Oscar Mayer the Wienie Dog. He loves me. He wants to spend time with me. He would never put football before me.

By the time H left, I'll admit, I was giddy! You must know that I LOVE LOVE being by myself. I love H VERY much and I don't like spending the night away from him, but, a few hours apart............well, that only helps us both!

H leaves at 2:30, I pull the down comforter out of the dryer, wrap up in it like a taco and nose dive on the couch. HEAVEN! I pretty much stayed like that until H arrives home, to which he wants to recap the game. Ummm.....Honey......hate to inform you, but after Florida scored their 3rd touchdown, the Lifetime Channel became my friend.

Here's to a weekend of much marital bliss!

Maybe next weekend.......

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  1. I will agree a few hours alone is a great. Justin used to work late about once a month and i would enjoy the few hours at home alone and then worry from 10pm until he got home at whatever hour. However, if you're looking for a way to spend hours together - one of you could have major surgery. I could probably count the hours we have spent apart in the last 3 weeks! Happy married life!