Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Hallow-weinie!

Oscar is stoked that he is wearing a pumpkin shirt!

On Friday night, while spending marital time together (to make up from last weekend), we watched Modern Marvels. Very romantic for a Friday night. Nothing gets me going like a chain saw and a drill!

Anyway, the show was dedicated to pumpkin carving. This is where my weekend changed dramitacially. For my two readers who don't know........... I married an engineer. And we are watching a show on how to use EVERY tool in your shop to carve a pumpkin. H was in HEAVEN! He woke up Saturday morning and couldn't swallow his pancakes fast enough to get in his shop and start carving his pumpkin. Here are a FEW of the tools that he decided he needed to use to finish off his "little" project. (that lasted 5 hours)

Yep, that would be our Henckels knives!

This was so intense, that he used a drill and it required safety glasses! Notice the pumpkin on them!

Wait a minute!! That's my LENOX spoon!!

Finished product! H led the Bulldogs to a BIG W on Saturday night!!

H did take out the shop light and move the pumpkin to the front steps for all 6 of our trick-or-treaters to enjoy. Got to love living in a small town. I am STILL eating candy. In Starkville, I would run out of the goods by 6:30!

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