Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ice Ice Baby!

This is not an Ode to Vanilla Ice! This is the re-cap of our ice-skating adventure.

Last week I emailed H with the link to the Bancorp South Center public ice skating information.

He said "sure, I can't wait to beat you in ice-skating!"

Can you beat someone on this sport without judges??

Anyway, apparently H doesn't watch the Winter Olympics!

After lunching with Mar and Stan, we head to the ice rink. Bad idea #1
(not the lunch, but the skating)

Bad idea #2, go ice skating when the hockey team wants to show off.

Bad idea #3, going ice skating when I can not even ROLLER BLADE! These two sports are one in the same. If you can't do one, you CERTAINLY can't do the other.

I learned my lesson when I BUSTED my BUTT on the ice! I fell so hard it knocked the breath out of me! That was it. I gave up my Nancy Kerigan dream at that point. Tonya Harding just hit me.....It was my butt that was hit, not my knees.

H helped me get up and the first words I uttered after turning away "from the light" (this was near death for me) was...... I'm ready to go shopping. I have gotten my $7's worth.

It's safe to say that I'm more of a movie person verses having to do strenuous activities on a date. Yes, skating is a strenuous activity. So is bowling.

I ached and complained ALL THE WAY HOME! My aches were so severe that I had to soak in the whirlpool for an hour while enjoying a glass of vino and 2 Swiss Miss Little Debbies (because we all know Little Debbies make anything better).

I'm happy to report, I didn't break my butt, just bruising. Nothing to severe to keep me from Desperate Housewives later Sunday night.

All in the name of marital bliss.

Mary and Stan (who skate better than H and I)

H and I doing our dance moves!

The enemy!!!!!

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