Thursday, November 19, 2009

On the Road Again!

Our life can be easily summed up in Willy's song.

Since moving over the summer, I can count on one hand how many weekends we have stayed at home. Sad!

Two weekends ago, our travels took us to Jacksonville, FL where our friends Leighton and Ryan were married. The 8 hour journey was one to be reckoned with. H and I don't travel well. I generally get carsick unless I am sleeping or eating and H gets tired while driving and needs for me to drive. I don't want to drive. I want to curl up in the backseat and DIE! Oh, I can't wait for kids!!!

So, to better ease the pain of our 16 hour trip, I checked out from the local library 6 books on tape (One was Julie and Julia, other one was a Danielle Steel to which I told H it was a murder mystery. You know, something like Law and Order.) Our convo went something like this:

H: 6 books! You realize this is 46 hours of book. We will only be traveling for 16??
M: math is for the birds! It's better to be prepared than to have cds not work and us be forced to talk to each other! :)

After finally getting to bed on Friday morning at 5am, our joyous weekend began. We had a great time and the wedding was BEAUTIFUlL! Fun times were had by all.

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  1. 1st - Love the new title!
    2nd - Justin and I are pretty good travelers, (don't get me wrong - we like getting there too) but we usually enjoy the ride and try to not to get worked up or in a hurry! Maybe our next trip will be to see you!