Monday, December 7, 2009

Buttery Bacon with the Tide Rolling

If you ask me to tell you one word to sum up our weekend: fabulous! Just fabulous!

It started off great Friday night with:
- Large pizza from Pizza Hut. Delicious! Absolutely my favorite.
- Pj's by 5pm, followed by laying on the couch with Oscar and H with the heat BLARING!
- Falling asleep during Christmas Vacation.

I went to sleep a happy little girl. Life couldn't be any better I thought. That is, until I woke up on Saturday morning to the smell of fried bacon. No denying my Southern roots here! The only thing better than frying bacon, is frying it in butter! H was making breakfast! What a charmer he is. Pancakes. Bacon. Cappichino. Heaven. What ever did I do to deserve this?? Laundry maybe?? 6 meals a week?? Who cares....I was eating bacon with pancakes that I didn't have to make!!

I made a wise decision earlier last week. I decided to FINISH my Christmas shopping on Saturday come hell or high water, snow or rain, football game or not. I dropped off H at his parents so they could baby sit him and Oscar. H wanted to watch the Tide roll again, and I wanted to shop in peace. He does not bring tidings of comfort and joy while shopping with him. So, I had to ditch the boy.

Surprise surprise, I had made a list. I actually had 2 lists. I carried them around with me with my pen marking off names and stores one by one and singing the chorus of Hallelujah after each mark off. It was an invigorating feeling to mark off stores. I would describe the feeling much to like eating bacon fried in butter. Glorious. I paused for a quick Starkbucks and then continued frolicking down the Galleria occasionaly jumping up and clicking my heals together. This shopping trip was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. Not one moment on Saturday was I stressed out, well, maybe once, over dinner, picking out my much deserved dessert. Back to my well thought out decisions here......I picked the day to shop while the State of Alabama was either in Atlanta or in front of their tv. I had FRONT row parking at the Galleria, Target, Kohl's, Lowe's and The Summit!

It may seem that I am bragging about being an overachiever at Christmas shopping. Well, I am. I am bragging. I am bragging that for the 1st time ever, I have it together. When you pull it together, you can blog about that too! I know my great organizational skills will come to an end one day. I know that one day, I'll be in Target on Christmas Eve fighting with some poor woman who needs the same Barbie Doll that I need. I know one year H will be mad at me because it's midnight and he is putting together a bike. Or one year I will have to deal with a SCREAMING child who wanted to see Santa and after standing in line for 45 minutes decides to pitch a fit. But guess what. This year isn't that. I am on top of the Christmas World! I OWN the flag that is flying high on Christmas Mountain.

After my shopping extravaganza, H takes me for date night to P.F. Changs. We are celebrating 3 things here: shopping being finished, my B average in my class (fyi, I was one point from an A. Just setting the record straight here. Better believe my teacher is marked off of the Christmas card list), and H finished his class of the semester, with an A (he wants my 3 readers to know he made an A. This is my blog and I was so tempted not to tell you about his A).

Sunday: The Perry's came to town!! WHOO HOO!! I love hanging out with our friends. They are family to us! Oscar lays on Mar like she is his mama.
I SLAVED over the stove making brined pork chops, mashed potatoes, Mom-o's green beans (fry bacon in butter first, chicken broth then add green bean), bread and Biltmore pecan pie.
(disclaimer, Mom-O is my sweet grandmother that cooks better than Paula Deen. Not that Paula has ever cooked for me, but, my money is on Mom-O)

Hope you enjoyed my buttery bacon Tide Rolling weekend. Lard knows, I did!


  1. Love this post! I can see you clicking your heels! :) I'm happy for ya!

  2. oh my god
    you should have your own column in the Birmingham news--- i love your writing- its like reading one of those books and you dont really care about what it says but you cant stop reading it... haha- although buttery bacon is always interesting-- do me a favor..... write a book and dedicate it to meee! because i think you are sooo METROPOLITAN


  3. seriously--- im not joking about your writing--- and i get easily bored to tears--- you should explore that avenue meg-o


  4. Your blogs are SO funny!!! I love it!