Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas 2009

This is what your living room looks like when you travel for Christmas. We had 3 different piles of presents going to 2 different places for 4 different Christmases. Busy times ya think?

Little buddy thought that he was going with me. He had to wait 2 days and ride with H. Oscar kept H alert while driving at night. (I stretegicly planned this)

Nathan bought Dad a pop-up man's play tent! Also know in the hunting circles as a "blind". Umm, you would have to be blind not to see this big tent!
The past 2 years, mom has given Nathan a pair of his old shoes as a gag gift. This year, she bought him a pair of Cole Hanns....and Nathan had been wearing them before Chirstmas. So, mom kept the box and put his deck shoes in it.

Just look at what my sweet single brother gave me for Christmas! Meet 'ol Blue. 'Ol Blue is lined with the prettiest blue fabric! LOVE LOVE it!

Santa got a little LAZY!! Mom threw an old sheet on top of H's lawn mower attachment!

Isn't he PRESH!!

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