Friday, January 15, 2010

Hi! How are you? We're Moving!

It's true, we are moving.

This weekend.

Actually on Saturday.

I know. It's a lot to take in. The only think keeping me from kicking and screaming about moving from our great house is our trip to the Bahamas this summer ! (this trip was planned purely for selfish reasons)

Our term at the White House is over. (Large, long whaling going on here)......

Here's the chain of events that transpired this move:
1. Last year, H interviewed with a company in Bay Springs, MS (1 hr from my parentals) wasn't the fit for him at the time, so he said thanks-but-no-thanks, but, please remember me if any future
2. We decided to move closer to his job, hence, we bought the White House.
3. On the Thursday before Christmas, the company in Bay Springs called him for an interview. I promptly paused the tv, and jumped off the couch to do a happy dance.
4. December 29th, H interviewed. December 29th, they offered him the job.
5. Not real sure why I'm using numbers here, but, it works.
6. January 2nd, my mama almost cried when she realized this move could really happen.
7. January 2nd, we go back to Bay Springs to find a house to move into.
8. January 3rd, we met with a realtor to sell our house.
9. January 4th, our house was SOLD!
10. January 11th, we closed on our house.
11. January 16th, mom and I burned our eyes and nose with a large consumption of bleach cleaning our new house.

This weekend, an 18 wheeler will pull in our drive and a team of men will empty our house into it. Next week, I'll be a (601) girl again! AMEN.

Due to this quick move and change in our routine, I have only fell apart twice. If you know me, you know this is good. H will be taking me to the Bahamas this summer because I only fell apart twice and because I didn't ruin my Christian witness but only once (over my refrigerator, which we ended up selling after the sale of our house. This story stands all on it's on and will never be publised). Also, I have submitted a list of items to H that I would like to be "surprised" with starting today for keeping my composure in times where the odds were stacked against me. And Lard.....they were stacked against me on at least 5 occasions......and one of those occasions was with Direct TV. Let's just say....after our 45 minute convo, they have the name Meg Jones in flagged in red in their computer system. They will NEVER allow me to be a customer of theirs again.

This is a great move for us in all honesty. I am THRILLED to be close to family again and for H to advance his career. He is such a hard worker.......and frankly, as long as he makes more green than me, I'll have to move wherever his career takes us.

Due to this move, I no longer have to finish grad school.


Thank you LARD! I must have found favor with him before the whole Direct TV debocal.

I despised grad school. It so took time away from my Sunday and Thursday night educational tv watching of Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. And, I will more than likely pick up watching the Deep End starting this Thursday. Umm, lets be real shall we?? Who has time for school when you can be curled up on the couch watching all of this goodness with a little weinie dog eating popcorn together?? ( one for me, one for him, one for me, one for him) Grad school was hendering me as a parent. I needed to cut the ties. Snip. Snip.

What will I be doing to contribute to society after the move you ask?? Well, that's a great question. I think I'm going to be a real life desperate housewife for a while. (H wants me to define "a while," but, I'm not much into labeling). My sweet grandmother has remodeled her bathrooms and she needs someone to paint them. I have volunteered to smell the fumes if she makes me lunch and lets me take the leftovers home. My brother wants me to keep his checkbook in order and pay his bills (he so needs a wife. I told him yes, but I will write myself a check each month). I want to finish the scrapbooks that I started 4 years ago and POSSIBLY start a garden for the spring. I will probably have more time to blog and because I know you are very interested, I'll post pics as I set up house.....again....within 7 months.

Don't worry, the postcards with our new address have been ordered. They'll be in the mail in 3-4 weeks.


  1. CONGRATS Meg! I love reading your blogs. You are a hoot! I am with you on grad school.

  2. I HATE directV too and my name is RED flagged! too much to type, but remind me face to face next and I will tell you our horror story...they are AWFUL! I hated grad school too! So glad you get a break! YOU DESERVE IT! Welcome to the housewife life, I love it! Ryan defines break as well, ha!

  3. I hope you got all your boxes packed and had a wonderful last day of school! I guess this means no more lunch in Tupelo. We'll have to catch you in Starkville this fall!