Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Before and After #1

I don't know if this should be bookmarked under Tales of a Desperate Housewife or lazy decorating??

Meet our bookshelf. It needed help. I gave it CPR.

We are living in a home provided by H's new company. Therefore, since it's not my house, I want to spend $0 on this house. The bookshelf needed some warm colors painted in the back of it. That presented a problem.
1) it cost money
2) I'm lazy and don't want to paint a home that I'm leaving in a year.

So, I went to The Hobby Lobby and bought scrapbook paper HALF OFF and taped it to the back of the bookshelf. H reminded me that I had just spent money on "this house." I told him that I'll use the paper next year when I decide to finish scrapbooking. Um, I think spending $3 is ok.

The Bookshelf:

Isn't this paper pretty!!! After seeing the final product, I wish I had used red. Maybe I'll change it at Christmas, or......maybe not.

Ok, in this pic, it looks like I totally forgot a strip on the second bookshelf, but, that is actually a wood strip. I'm too much of a lazy perfectionist to not have papered that.

Next up, the bathroom!

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  1. Hey, I really love the book shelves. I also, love the fact that you can take pictures and I don't have to travel an hour to see all the new updates!!!! Love U!!! mom.