Monday, February 1, 2010

Tales of a Desperate Housewife: Post #1

H started work today. Bless his heart.
Trying to be a good wife, I woke up @ 5:30 with him and cooked him breakfast.

2 Toaster Strudels........that exhausted me to the point to go back to bed and pick up Oscar on the way.

Over the weekend we accomplished much, but not enough. I needed motivation to REALLY set up house. So, in true Meg Fashion, I'm throwing a party in 1 week. In one week, I have to find my clothes and finish unpacking all 389 boxes that we have(we really have that many, I have the pink slip to prove it).

So, on Sunday, we will be hosting a Super Bowl party cheering on our beloved SAINTS!!
Hope I can find our plates and coasters by then!!!

Did I mention I know where NOTHING IS IN MY HOUSE???

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