Monday, March 1, 2010

Life Recap

Well, I'm home from FL.

The 3 Musketeers had a blast and must reunite again very soon. A good time was had by all watching Dear John and pretty much drinking chocolate at the Melting Pot. We were all but stabbing each other with our sticks trying to dip our brownies and rice krispies in the turtle chocolate. Good LARD! I want that for my birthday.

I have a confession to's one that I confessed in KW's living room. I told the girls while I was THRILLED beyond words about our trip, I wasn't so much happy about scrap booking for one whole solid night. You see, Mar and KW LIVE for scrap booking. They have a book for EVERYTHING. They enjoy it and they are VERY good at it. Mar has suitcase that she rolls around with all of her materials. She even has holders for her markers. KW has a chest in her living room. It's a large chest, full of folders where everything is divided out. Me, well, I had a plastic bag. In my plastic bag, it contained just a few sheets of paper that I have owned for 3 years, scissors, stickers and tape. I was up against the Queens who wanted to stay up until the wee hours of the morning cutting, pasting, cropping and embellishing. I wanted a root canal.

Anyway, after having a Fab lunch with the girls, I spotted a Tuesday Morning (I can sniff one out ANYWHERE!) Arm and arm we head down the side walk. As fate would have it, scrap books and all the supplies were on clearance. It was a sign from God to embrace the scissors for the weekend. Mar and KW were having a field day. Then I started feeling the peer pressure. I haven't felt that way since going to Cheers in Starkville my junior year of college! Anyway, the girls helped me pick out embellishments that I needed to scrap book about my honeymoon and The Biltmore. $30 later, I left with a super cute bag and all the scrapbook materials I would need for my lifetime. My goal was then to start and finish my honeymoon scrapbook.

20 pages and a few daiquiris later. Mission accomplished. It took almost 3 years and 380 miles for me to print and document the best trip I have ever been on. Wow.

After arriving home, I was showing H my prized scrap book, we had a convo that went like this:

Me: Can you believe that I did this?
H: You can do anything you set your mind to.
Me: (insert jab to rip here)
Me: I need to have just add a few more embellishments to this last page.
H: Haha, well, that will take a year!
Me: (insert another jab to rib)
H: Well Meg, let's be real, it took you almost 3 years just to print the pics.

I'll post some pics of the pages later. My camera battery is dead. Maybe tomorrow.

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