Monday, March 1, 2010

This past Saturday night, I was kicked out of Belk's Men Fitting Room.

Here's how it commenced. H wanted to stop in Meridian after being in Starkville for the day. He wanted to shop for some clothes for him. We have this down to a science with him. We can be in and out of store in 20 minutes if we do things our way. "Our way" consists of us both picking out clothes/pants and heading to the dressing room together. At many places (i.e. Brooks Brothers, Old Navy, some Dillard's, Macy's) they have a small sitting area leading into the actual rooms. I sit comfortably there as H models his finds. After he models and we say yea or nay, he goes back in his room, changes, puts the hanger on the floor and slings the clothing over the door. At that time, I hang up the garment and start our yea/nay piles. While he is changing back into his clothes, I can be at the counter saying "we want these" and "these didn't work for us."

Well. Oiled. Machine.

While in Belk, H was THE ONLY MAN IN THE DRESSING ROOM, and he needed my opinion. He has been trying on both shirts and pants. Before I could walk in the dressing area with him, he asked me to go grab and additional size to save me from walking back in forth. At this time, I'm getting tired. We have been gone all day, I was hungry plus I was wearing 3 in. heels that hurt like no other. I get the extra shirt, proceed to the dressing room and hear this guy yelling for me to STOP! It was then proceeded with "you can't go in there." Ummm.....excuse me?? I'm wearing heals that are digging into my pinkie really don't want to mess with me. Did I mention that I needed to be fed??

I replied "Umm....he's my husband. He needs this shirt."
Belk guy: yeah, but that's the men's fitting room.
Me: yeah, but there are not MEN in there. There's just a MAN. And he is My HUSBAND. I am handing him a shirt.
Belk guy: yeah, but you can't do that.
Me: Well, are you going to take it to him then??

The guy turned around. H had to come and get his own clothes.

I was FUMMING! Don't you think I would have left the dressing rooms if another guy had walked in to try on clothes?? Since the guy wouldn't allow me to help H in hanging up the clothes that he had been trying on.......they didn't get hung up. Let's not kid anyone, I didn't ask H to bring them out to me to hang them either.

While I was waiting for H to finish his one man fashion show, I politely scooted over some shirts so I could sit down on a Polo display. At this point, my pinkie toe was NUM! And I was ill. And hungry.

Dear Belk,

Please provide seating for wives who want to see what their hubbys are trying on. You do this for the women's fitting rooms. You ALWAYS have comfy chairs for the hubbs to sit down and nap while the wives try on their clothes. So, what's up? Also, if you do not want the wives handing their hubbs clothing in the dressing room, how about you have your associates do their JOB and provide customer SERVICE and ask the men if they need an extra size. Don't make the wives do the job of your associates while the associates just stand of the counter yelling at the wives not to go in a dressing room where the only guy is her husband. Oh, and Belk. We didn't give you any money either. I wasn't sure of our money would go towards chairs or not, so we didn't give you any.

If you need anymore common sense suggestions, call me.



  1. This same thing happened to me at the Belk in Jackson. I was so mad. Why do they care?

  2. meg...loved this post..go check out my sewing blog...I have an award for you there.