Monday, March 29, 2010

Going to the Chapel!

So, H's friend Benny-Ben tied the knot this past weekend. WHOO HOOO!!! Ben married the beautiful and so sweet Lauren Reece.

I finally took my camera to a function (I am notorious for charging the batteries and leaving the camera in the car) is Nathan, Handsome H and Tyler.

And the wives who put up with the men! Molly, Jessica and Me! We never see each other unless a KE gets married or if it's a football game. So Sad!

Me and H after dinner (hence the no lipstick).....left it in the car. Go figure.
We had so much fun at Benny-Ben's wedding! The KE boys seemed to have had a good time while the wives stood on the sidelines and cocked our heads at the "lady in the gold dress."

At EVERY wedding, there is someone on the dance floor giving it their all.


After the band was up and going, Kelli, leaned over and said "check out the lady in the gold dress."


Not only did she look like she was giving birth, she was also pulling out some cheerleading moves I did back in 1999. It was like a train wreck. You don't want to look- but you just HAVE too!

Ladies and Gents, that is why Meg-O doesn't dance in public. I dance in my kitchen. With Oscar. And sometimes H. But mainly Oscar. I don't want to be the lady in the gold dress. I fear that. I am a white girl. And I embrace that.

Later in the night, H asked me if I wanted to hit the dance floor. I politely pointed to gold dress and said, "and compete with her?? I don't think so."


  1. Good pictures Meg! Sometimes you need to just let go and dance in public - it is very liberating!!

  2. I'm just glad she didn't throw her hip out!! :)