Friday, April 2, 2010

Tuesday Recap: stranded on side of road

Lesson of Tuesday: no matter how old you get, you still need your dad.

Let's begin this story shall we??

When H and I moved to BS, he took over my car. My Volvo. He has given me the old car to drive. I run the roads now. I run to Mom-o's for lunch. My Aunt's to hang out. My parentals to visit. I run the roads. So, I have been driving the Altima due to mileage and gas. The Volvo uses premium. The Altima just requires $20 of gas. Amen.

Anyway, the Altima has been making all kinds of noises. The kind of noises that make you laugh out loud. The kind that concern Oscar-man while riding in the Altima.

Tuesday, O-man and I go to mom's house to visit. I literally laughed out loud when cranking the car due to new noises that have started. But, we still head to mom's. On our way home..........reality hit. The car died while I was driving!! Power stearing goes out. Dash board lights up. Smoke billowing out from under the hood. I first FREAKED OUT, then I coasted into someone's driveway. L-O-V-E-L-Y! Just L-O-V-E-L-Y!! I was on the phone with H while this was happening. Then I realized, oh, I have one bar of cell battery and I don't have a charger with me. And I'm stranded. On the side of the road. Great. So, I hang up with H.....and call dad in a panic (who is at home painting with mom). Mom and Dad literally drop their brushes, and head my way.

The community where the car decided to die has a good part and a very shaddy part. A part where, if you break down, you pretty much grab the dog and run towards the good part. I was in the good part, but, mom and dad were not sure. So, dad calls a friend of his who just HAPPPENS to be a State Trooper to come and hang out with me until they arrived.

Meanwhile, Oscar and I open the sunroof and sunbathe. Oscar took a little nap while I balanced the checkbook. To-the-penny. You are welcome Dave, and H. I'm glad that Oscar was able to rest well while the ENGINE WAS STILL SMOKING!!!

I bet dad's tires never hit the road. They made it before the State Trooper!! Dad had to call and say he made it before the officer! H later arrives and takes the car to the local mechanic. Bless his heart, he had to stop twice due to the car smoking!!

Bottom line: The Altima is 9 years old this week. 212,475 miles. It's time for a new car. H is taking my Volvo SUV (luckily, he wants a SUV. I just want a car that doesn't smoke). I'm getting a new car. But, not just yet. Altima is fixed. It cost only $160 dollars (dang). The plan was.....if it cost more to fix the car than what it's worth or what we want to pay, I would get a car now. If the cost are low, we fix and I keep driving (until I'm stranded again).

Knowing that the end is near, H and I are slowly car shopping. We car shop after dealerships are closed so we are not hassled. After church on Sunday, we head to the car lots. I pretty much have my face pressed up against the windows of cars trying to smell the new car smell (it's my FAVORITE smell in the world)......H finds a CHEAP car for me. He threatens to buy it to me just for the smell. I have been having NIGHTMARES about this cheap car! I dreamed he gave it to me for Easter in front of his family. And then he gave it to me for my birthday!! I have told him repeatedly this week......I WANT TO PICK OUT MY OWN surprises please!!!

I have picked out a few cars that I want to test drive this weekend (just to rule them out or give them a check mark and not to pressure H). Anyway, yesterday he said something smart to me.....and I responded with "just wait for Saturday. I WILL be giving your cell number to a car salesman and WILL tell him that we are EAGER to buy. JUST WAIT."

It took H 2 months to finally buy the Volvo. Bless his heart, he doesn't rush into anything. I informed him that I want to pick it out, but let him just surprise me. I can't handle test driving, loving it, having it be the right price and us walking away. I get emotionally attached. Remember when we bought the Volvo?? Yeah, that was fun. So, my plan is for us to agree on a car. And H brings it home when he wants it.

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