Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

I have been dying to blog this week, but I have been a little busy. It's easier for me to start "Thoughts for Thursday" to give you insight into my little mind.

  • I love Ice-T on Law and Order.
  • I am so glad that it's raining today.....I need to breathe! I have had to wash the car everytime I leave just to get the pollen off.
  • For Easter H took me to Ross Bridge....I'll blog about that later......however, it was Heaven on Earth.
  • I have baby fever that I am trying to calm down. If you are my friend, you know this isn't new. It comes in stages. One day I'm all about babies. The next day I'm crying because I don't think I have the mommy gene. (Case in point: Oscar peed on the carpet, and he was in time out for 3 hours)
  • I test drove cars this past weekend. I fell in love. I want another Volvo. H didn't buy it for me for Easter. I'm still holding out for my birthday.
  • My sweet-single brother will be home in 5 days. Mom and I will be ambushing him at the airport. After kidnapping him, we plan on making him enjoy eating lunch with us and possibly shopping with the leading ladies in his life. Nathan- get ready. I will have signs at the airport. I'm still working out what I'll have on them. Maybe your phone number for all of the ladies to see? Maybe some of your hobbies in bullet points outlined in glitter (deer and turkey hunting would not make the list)?? Maybe a pretty pic of you?? I may embellish the poster with scrapbook paper. Who knows. I'll worry about that at midnight the night before you fly in. True Meg form.


  1. I love Ice-T too!!!!!!!!!!! best part of the show if you can get through all the story lines.

  2. Come jump on the baby bandwagon! Kate is going to need a friend at football games!!!