Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

On Friday, the salesman from the car dealership called to see what our plan was. I replied with:

"Listen. We are on H's time-line. I am sold, but it's H's money. He doesn't let go easily. BELIEVE ME. Why don't you call him and chat. Remind him my birthday is coming up. Remind him that I'm getting ready for supper club for 8 adults and 3 little girls. Let him know that I'm shampooing carpet. Let him know that I'm dealing with a refridge that just died and all of our cold groceries are in ice chests in our kitchen. "

The salesman was laughing, but I was being serious! I'll keep you posted on the car situation. I have to tell you though, it doesn't look promising. The Altima seems to be driving fine now.

Friday night, it was our turn to host supper club. I love a good food challenge, but good Lard, I was tested to the limits. It all really started Thursday night when our refridge died and our kitchen then became lined with ice chest holding EVERYTHING I needed for supper club. (insert large long scream here)

Friday night menu:
Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken (stuffed with feta cheese, bacon, green apples)
Potatoes au gratin
Mixed spring veggies
Spinach salad
French bread
Cappuccino mouse with pound cake

The guys seemed to like it. Granted, they are participating in the Biggest Looser at work. There plan is: starve during the day. eat at night.

Oh Belk. Why must you make me hate you?? WHY??
Do you remember when I was kicked out of the dressing room?

While strolling Belk Saturday night- in the midst of picking out some birthday gifts, 2 teenage girls become HYSTERICAL!! The more they cried.....the more filthy words they used. I mean....words I have never heard before! If my mom had been with us, she would have marched those girls to the bathroom and washed their mouths out! The associate helping us said the girls brother was caught shop lifting. Seriously.

Two rows from us at church was my sophomore college roommate. Becca Bennett. In the flesh. Married. And 3 babies later. Through the years, we have lost touch.....I'm so glad that I have another friend here in Laurel/BS!

Also, we (ok, H) has started painting the kitchen counter-tops. So far, so good. Before the paint, we were sporting light blue Formica. It stained so easily. By the time we started the little project, the counter-tops were practically brown from coffee and tea stains!

Cheers to the start of a good week!

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