Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home. No place like it.

I'm laying on the couch right now with mom and Oscar watching Dancing with The Stars.


No other words to describe.

H had to travel to Sha-Car-Go (also known as Chicago) for work. Just listen about this little trip.
  • He was picked up @ the airport in a Limo. A LIMO!! The last time he rode in a limo was the day he signed up for life with me.
  • He attended a party showcasing some of Chicago's best foods. Umm, excuse me, but why?? Why are they "showcasing" good food when you are there to look at engineering machines??
  • He custom ordered his omelet this morning. Then decided he wasn't full. So he ordered waffles. And called to tell me ALL ABOUT it while I was eating cereal.
  • Why wasn't I invited?? Do you know where H did let me to go with him on a business trip?? Kentucky. We drove. In a car. For 34,785 hours. Do you know what I did in the Holiday Inn all day while he was at work?? Nothing. Why wasn't I able to go to Chicago??

When H goes on business trips, I stay with my parentals. I stay with them for a few reasons.

  1. I'm afraid I may shoot someone. I have turned into quite the scaredy-cat.
  2. Mom's cooking.

While visiting the fam, I made the round and stopped by Mom-o's. LARD! I love that woman. She is a gem. Nothing gets past her.

While in our convo about H being in Chicago, here's what she told me. True story.

Mom-O: Well just look at H. Riding in limo's....going to big parties.......I'm so proud of him.

Me: Me too Mom-o! He's so smart.

Mom-O: You should be thankful that he isn't like most men who think they are to big for their britches. (yes, she said britches)

Me: Well, I like to keep him grounded by making him unload the dishwasher.

Mom-O: If H gets in a bind, with people in Chicago....he needs to say that he voted for Obama.

Me: (laughing so hard until I start snorting)....mom-o, do you want me to tell H to buy you a shirt with Obama's face on it.?? (She gave me the look)

Oh Lard!! This is the Mom-O who still has her Bush-Chaney signs. The woman who put balloons on her signs when they won. The woman who had "George and Laura's" picture on her refridge. And when you asked her where she got it, she responded with "George and Laura sent it." She made them seem like they were our cousins from Alabama who were simply updating up on their little life. If H was into wasting money- he would have totally bought Mom-O a t-shirt as a gag gift. Apparently, Obama shirts are priced based on his approval ratings.

I figured they were a flat $5.

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