Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday......

I'm running about a fever of 105 degrees for a baby right now. All of our South MS friends are having babies and I am constantly picking out oneies.....and plush blankets....and little newborn caps.....and sweetness!! On Sunday, while picking out a baby gift in Target, I was torn between 2 gorgeous sweet lavender blankets and needed H's opinion to help me make the final decision. So I ask "Which one?" He replies with "doesn't matter, the baby will just poop on it anyway." That was the moment that I voted him out of the elite circle of who will help me register for baby items (when we finally decide to get preggers). So far, it will just be me, Donna (my fashionable mother-in-law), and my mom.

H will sit at home.

When my fever hit it's all-time spike, I ordered a diaper bag. I know!! Don't email me. We are not having a baby just yet. I was just running a high fever, it was early in the morning and I had only had one cup of coffee. Let me just explain........I feel like I need to explain. I had a $88 credit with Dooney and Bourke (and it was expiring June 1). I had shopped their website and saw nothing that I REALLY needed. So, early one morning, while drinking my first cup of coffee, Matt from D & B, who probably wrote down my order with his pink pen, started asking me questions that would help direct me to the product that I may need. "Don't need another purse. Don't need a briefcase. Don't need makeup bags." "Babies yet?" "Well, no Matt. But maybe this year. No promises. But maybe." Well, let's pick out a few bags that would make a fashionable diaper bag." For some unknown reason, I thought this was a wonderful idea. It went down hill fast at this point. I should never shop at 8am again!! I ordered the bag in khaki, a neutral color, and Matt suggested that I put a blue or pink scarf around the handle to personalize it. Thank you for that Matt. And thanks for taking $100 extra of our money. I know!!! Peer pressure!! and lack of more coffee!!

Bancorp South ruined my plan miserable!! I wasn't going to tell H about this. Why bother him with such mundane purchases like a diaper bag for our unborn baby?? My big plan was: after showing H the 2 pink lines on a preggers test...and seeing him jump up and down and spin me around.....I was going to pull out of the Dooney and Bourke bag and say "oh, look at what I picked up last week. On sale for $20! Can you believe it!!" That was my plan. Bancorp South Bank sabotaged that. H's phone number is the contact number with our bank (making mental notes here to change that small detail), anyway, Bancorp called him at work to verify the $100 charge to Dooney and Bourke. It's sad- he immediately knew it was me. So he called me.

H- Meg, the bank just called to verify a $100 charge to D & B.
M- Really?? That's strange.
H- Do you know anything about this?
M- Humm.....What was the purchase??
H- I don't know, why don't you tell me.
M- Umm....I don't know.....maybe a diaper bag.
H- MMMMMMEEEEEEEEGGGGGGG!!! (he turned my 1 syllable name into 2)

H has gotten over the diaper bag. Quickly. Almost too quickly. On Sunday, he came up with a crazy idea. His idea was: "let's have month aside from our birthday months, where it's our month. A month where that person picks out movies, food, trips, etc. And during the month, that person can buy whatever they like within reason." I asked H to define "reason".....because I keep the checkbook....and I know how much "reason" we have and don't have. He replied with.....ummmm......maybe $200-350. I said ok very reluctantly. He has something up his sleeve, and it would be more liberating if I can figure it out on my own verses playing 20 questions with him. I would rather figure him out- then show him my smarts! He deemed July to be his month. He suggest August be my month. Huh?? Monday- I started "researching." Here's what I found.

-During July, H gets paid 3 times. HUH! So, that's why he wants July.
-He has been looking at golf clubs according to our internet history.
- August is when we travel to the Bahamas, H thinks our trip should be "my purchase" of the month.

Last night I presented my case. And won. He said that I was right- which is why he didn't flip when I ordered a diaper bag.
And to think I needed his help in Math with the Praxis!! Who was I kidding!!

Even Stevens.

This is a perfect example of what marriage is all about: Don't yell about purchases. Just spend what your spouse spent and call it even.

And to think we went to marriage counseling before we walked down the aisle.


  1. Hey! I have been getting the fever, too! It comes in waves. I have also made a few baby related purchases, including a pink tu-tu bathing suit. TO DIE FOR! Hope things are great with you!!

  2. Hilarious!!! Laughed out loud!! Love that you have "real" marriage too! Miss you bunches!

  3. Jump on the baby bnd wagon!

    And, don't tell Hunter I let you in on this secret just yet but, our husbands lack the ability to say no to their pregnant wives. So, you get whatever you want.

    $800 stroller - Sure honey you need it.

    $900 crib - go for it babe, Kate needs the best!

    And when A does try to say no - I remind him that I am growing a kidney, liver, heart (pick your vital organ) that day and if I were to not get what I wanted, it may not form right.

    It is AMAZING!!

  4. considering I will only be an aunt in this lifetime and a fashionable one at that I would think I could go with you and mom to do your registry!!!!! but no I get no mention on the blog.. you do not get my expert registry advise :) just a gift :) ha ha ha

  5. While I don't have the fever- I loved reading this post. It cracked me up and made my Sunday night.