Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just thought you should know.......

that I am TERRIBLY out of shape.

I am mean REALLY out of shape.

I like to "exercise" right up to the point that I break a sweat. It's no secret. All of my friends know this. While in college, I went to the gym once......and it was only because my best friend Mary pretty much dragged me because I was competing in Miss MSU and was to wear a bathing suit.....on a stage.....in high heals....with a spot light on me. Tell me she's not a good friend. That's why I love Mar! She made me suck-it-up and do cardio. And I pretty much haven't done it since.

I have recently purchased items that could be used for working out....but rarely do I use them all at the same time. These items include: yoga outfits, tennis shoes (I've had the same pair since 2003....no joke), tennis racket, tennis outfit, yoga mat....and for my birthday, my parentals bought me a bike. It's lovely. Just lovely.

H put my bike together with no directions. (surprise surprise....Wal-Mart forgot to put them in the box.) It delighted H to no end that he could assemble the bike without instructions, but I do have a couple of extra washers and screws on my beach cruiser.

This afternoon, I cruised on the 2nd vehicle that mom and dad bought me. All was well until we started up a hill. Ya'll, let me tell you...... it was sad. H kept peddling.....and I got off my bike and walked it up the hill with my bike to my right side. H almost busted a gut laughing......that is until he almost cried thinking about our unborn children and their future in sports.

My favorite part of biking.......rolling down the hill.

I need to find a flat bike trail that I can bike all while wearing my yoga shirt with my tennis skirt and new shoes....and sporting my yoga mat as a cape and throwing tennis balls at H who is showing out in front of me.

That would be delightful.

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  1. try walking the hills of bluff park!
    I got the new shape-ups shoes from sketchers.. wow do I feel the hills now! Carrie and Jay prefer to drag me down the hill but do ok going up it! You should try a yoga class with me when you are in town. Maybe your kids will be dancers like me (well the girls anyway!)