Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ode to Brent

Saturday night I made the dreaded phone call to dad at 1am all flustered asking if I could come home. Before I go on, let me explain that I was not re-enacting the scene from Father-of-the-Bride II. I took H and Oscar with me. While H and I were ill, fortunately, it was not with each other.

We had been to dinner with friends Saturday night. Enjoying our large group of people, we took our time and was in no rush. As the group began dissipating, one couple said: "did ya'll turn your air way down so it will be cold when you get home?"

Ummm, that's a strange question. And no, we left it on 77 degrees. And why must you ask??

Apparently MS Power had a scheduled power outage from 11pm-7am on Saturday night.

Nice. Very nice. Please schedule an inconvenience on a holiday weekend. Please.

Apparently whomever scheduled this must be attending the same University I am right now.

H and I had NO CLUE!! There wasn't a notification with our bill. No one called or emailed. It wasn't on the news (not that BS has it's own tv station or anything). So, we walked into a dark, hot house. A house that was 80 degrees. So, I did what any girl would do.

Call dad on Father's Day at 1am, fussed a little bit about how hot it is, then say, "leave the front door unlocked, we are on our way!"

Happy Father's Day Brent!

While driving @ 1:30am, I realized that I didn't have Father's Day cards. I remember looking at them weeks ago, but apparently I bought none. Great. So I pull into the only store that is open. Wal-Mart.


Apparently Wal-Mart rents hotel rooms in their back warehouse, because everyone was in their pj's. I generally try to limit wearing my slippers to only inside my house.

My poor pop. What a gem. He almost got the shaft on the card. Nothing was suitable for him. I came so close to buying a card that said Happy Father's Day from your 1st Grandchild. I was going to mark off the 1st, and put 2nd, and then add "that was born 2X years ago!" I finally found one that just said Happy Father's Day, so I jerked it up before any of Wal-Mart's hotel guest could get their hands on it.

As we were traveling now at 2am, H looked over at me and said "I know why you are quite."

I raised an eyebrow thinking this is going to be good. He said "you are thinking about what you are going to tell MS Power on Monday when you call them." Nailed it. He knows me all to well.

This only proves the theory that most dads feel anyway: Mother's Day is a bigger deal than Father's Day. MS Power wouldn't dare schedule a power outage during Mother's Day! That is the next big holiday under Christmas. Ooohh, but someone at a conference table somewhere tried to sabotage Father's Day in BS. But, we prevailed.

Back to the theory that father's do not necessarily get the same attention as moms on Mother's dad wanted the the 2 days to be fair and square. So a few days after Mother's Day, he called and asked me what I spent on mom. $X. Dad replied with, well, I want $X in cash.

I even gave him an extra $10 for any inconvenience that we caused at 2:30 Father's Day morning.

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  1. I have to say I was concerned that you and H had a huge fight, but I couldn't see you leaving. I see H on the couch! Glad to know it was the power!