Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

• I met a friend at University. Jenny. Jenny from the block. Jenny really isn't from the block. She is really from Atlanta, but has been transplanted to Quitman, MS. Bless her little heart. Remember her in your prayers tonight. Anyway, Jenny & I are now BFF's. She has figured out the key to my heart. Our Tuesday/Thursday routine is generally:
o Before class: Chick-fil-a
o Break-in-between: Starbucks
o After class: The Sonic
Our friendship is ROCK SOLID!

• I’m wondering if H is thinking about running for Mayor of BS in the near future. I called him Tuesday night during one of my breaks in class and asked him what he was doing. He told me that he was attending a Town Hall Meeting at City Hall.


I asked him if he wanted anything from The Sonic, and he said, “nope, we were provided dinner before the meeting. “ Hotdogs. They were provided hotdogs. Um, when I become Mrs. Mayor, we will upgrade to potluck dinners. Also, when I become Mrs. Mayor, we will not have power outages in the middle of June (if confused, see previous post).

•Sunday night, Oscar ate a pound of deli sliced cajun turkey meat that took H 10 minutes to pick out at the grocery store. When we came home, we sat the bags on the kitchen floor and kept unloading the car. I left H to finish unloading while I hopped in the tub.

7.5 minutes later into my hot bubbly bath, I hear H yell “OSCAR MAYER!!” Little buddy had dug through the grocery bags, ate part of the plastic bag the deli lady put the meat in, and the meat, and the wax paper that was in the meat bag.

Oscar cried all night due to the obvious tummy ache. H had to massage Oscar’s tummy to get him to stop whining.

Lesson learned.

•I would like to take this bullet point to brag on H. My life has been pushed into the seventh circle of hell this week due to school, and H has tried to make it a little better. Case in point, tonight he made dinner. This is a big deal for him. Growing up, his mom, Donna, made all of the meals therefore he never had to cook or reheat. When he went to MSU, he lived in his fraternity house where the kitchen staff were responsible for adding freshman 15 and 5 extra pounds every year after. Then he lived with a few roommates in a condo. When I would come to town, I would make them dinner and watch the boys fight over lasagna and crescent roll chicken. Then H married me.

I do the cooking, he grills (and by grills I mean, flips the meat, watches it and stand over it).

One night early in our marriage, he called me to say that he was making a romantic dinner; I walked in to Old El Paso tacos. They were great, but you get my point.

Tonight, he blew me away. I have made myself sick over all of my research papers that I have to write, so H volunteered to cook dinner. The sweet boy made Jambalaya and semi-homemade biscuits. I had bought a biscuit mix from World Market where you just add a few ingredients and then pop them in the oven. WONDERFUL!! Words cannot describe their goodness. It probably had something to do with their stick and a half of butter.....but, nevertheless, they were devine!! Not only did he cook, ladies, brace yourselves for this, he also cleaned the kitchen!! And no, he doesn't have a brother.

I did nothing in the kitchen. Nothing I tell you.

After dinner, he even brough me a small cup of Starbucks Ice Cream.

And that's why I married him.

•Jenny and I are planning a little trip to celebrate not losing our minds over the summer. We planned it out driving home Tuesday night (we carpool). We have decided to take a girls trip to B-ham and stay at Ross Bridge courtesy of our hubbys (Jenny nor myself have significant jobs during the summer). I informed H of this little adventure Tuesday around 11pm, and he informed me that we still have to write University a $2,500check for my summer insanity sessions (that’s what I call summer school). I told him to sign up for some over time. I need to be rewarded for staying up until 2am and drinking coffee out of a straw.

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