Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

So you say that it is Thursday?? Where has this week gone to? Here’s a quick run-down of this fast paced week for your reading enjoyment.

• Mom and I love our little men. LOVE THEM! However, we also love a good break too! We will help our men pack their bag and pop them on the butt on their way out the door. We really do love them. H is headed home from North Carolina. Dad is headed home from South Carolina and Nathan is headed to Brazil. So that leaves me and mom (and O-man). I’ve been helping mom hold her fort down since Monday night. And it has been delightful.

• Both dad and H told us not to spend any money- ummm, ok, that is like turning on the tv during the fall and telling them not to watch football. Mom and I went shopping and we both came home with Coach purses. I know I didn’t need it, but ya’ll, it was 60% off! In the words of Eleanor, “Meegg, you just can’t beat a deal like that.” Spoken truth mom. Spoken truth. So I left the Coast with a cute little sling Coach to use while we travel the Bahamas in August, which brings me to my next point……

• On Monday, I met with our realtor in Laurel to look at a few homes. We are seeing what our options are and where we may want to live. Anyway, I call H and declare I have FOUND our new home!! Complete with pool, garden tub, and screened –in-back-porch! Then H gets smarty with me. He told me that if we move this year or specifically sign a contract before August, then we should not go to the Bahamas. Umm…..buddy. I have my new passport. I am GOING somewhere. He reminded me that our trip to the Bahamas is a gift for me being so patient and living in BS and if we move now, I shouldn’t be rewarded. Ummm… Doesn’t work that way. I am sure that he will feel the same way about this home, so I made a little appointment for him to look at it. And I bought a purse.

• I am overwhelmed with school. I have diagnosed myself with having a stomach ulcer and it generally flares up when I driving onto or out of University’s campus.

• Yesterday, mom and I “run in Academy real quick” to pick up a $10 item for my brother. Within a matter of minutes though, our little $10 tab became $214. Dad called and started on his list……a list that included a dept finder for his boat. He started using words that made my ulcer want to flare up. So, I handed my pink phone to a nice man named Lee so he and dad could talk this strange fishing language. You know you are about to spend some money when the employee has to walk your purchase to the front of the store for you. While mom was paying, she declared that if I ever answer dad’s phone calls in Academy again, she will leave me there. Even if we are in my car. Dad pretty much drain the rest of our shopping cash. But, don’t worry, mom had already bought her purse. Priorities!!

• I have mere hours to unpack, wash clothes, pack again and head to Lake Martin for the 4th! We can’t wait!! We look forward to this every year. At Aunt Fran’s, there are a few of her rules that you follow.
o Never get in a hurry. You are at the lake. Life is calm there. And I love that!
o You will not be hungry. Uncle Jim generally has a cow slaughtered, so there’s plenty of
steaks for everyone!
o No-makeup. Hair in ponytail. PRAISE THE LARD!!!
o Paper plates- which means more time in the boat or deck visiting! That Aunt Fran, she
is such a smart woman!

• However, do you know what makes me want to put my head in the sand on a sand bar?? The fact that I have 2 assignments due the day after we come home, and a research paper due 3 days after. WHY!!! Why University must you try to sabotage my 4th! That’s ok though………….Aunt Fran will prevail and make it wonderful. And, I will use my new purse.

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  1. You are crazy! Should have been a writer. You definitely missed your calling girl. Love your posts! Crazy that you say you got a new purse because I almost told you to get you a new Coach. How crazy is that? LOL