Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday......

• Because everyone wants to spend $10 on coffee in 2 hours, and make so many notes their pen runs out of ink and the people at Starbucks know your name. I would rather be in my pot-belly blue pool instead of participating in this typical Thursday.

• Let's do a quick scientific poll.
o Raise your hand if you are ready for me to be out of summer school so you don't have to read about my stomach ulcers or hear me nag!
o Perfect. All 2 of you.

• In a totally unrelated event:
o Well, H want to "talk" with me about my new purse. I had a small feeling this would happen. He started "talking" Saturday morning when he discovered it sitting pretty on the couch as we were headed to the lake. I politely told him to leave me alone, and that I will win this "talk". How can I win you ask?? Well, I have already cut the tags and have been using it since Wednesday. So, "talk" all you want, it's still mine. Anyway, mid-sentence, I cut him off......and said....."Listen. You don't want to go down this road with me right now. I stayed up until 2am working on a research paper that I can tell you nothing about. I have had mere hours of sleep. Whatever you are about to "talk" about, I will either win or break down crying. You are going to lose either way. So, what do you say we pick this up in August?? Oh, but before you get your bullet point summary prepared, I put the new golf balls you ordered and didn't' tell me about on your desk."
Thank you very much.
He turned around and started loading the car.
Listen. This isn't my first year of marriage. I know how this game works.

• Speaking of marriage.......did anyone else watch television gold on Monday night??? I would be referring to Jake and Vienna (whose's name reminds me of Vienne Sausages). Ya'll.
It was Television GOLD!! GOLD I TELL YOU!!! I wish I had the time to give you a bullet point summary of my thoughts during the show, but I was trying to finish a paper. So, there is a great chance that somewhere in my paper I used the word "poly-o-graph" or mentioned the fact that "no one cares about the dog." Surely my teacher will understand.

• I love Jenny-from-the-block. She is my project partner at school. And new friend. We have laughed until we have cried and snorted both in class and while carpooling. I am so sure that I will have some great stories to tell after Jenny and I get back from our little trip.

• We had the most delightful time at the Lake for the 4th. GREAT FOOD!!! GREAT RELAXATION!! GREAT FUN!! I have some funny pics to post.....tomorrow…..I don’t want to over exert myself in blogging today. :)

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  1. I'm so glad you and hunter have a spend and don't tell relationship. You would both be in huge trouble at our house! :)