Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just in Case you missed Miss MS.....

• The opening number was performed with a guy that had mud on his face and a tattoo of a cross on his arm……strange….very strange…..Broadway anyone??

• The pageant grabbed my attention when they started singing MJ’s “Thriller.” It kinda took me back to my days at JCJC when my suitemates and I would perform concerts with our hairbrushes in front of our large mirror. Ahh…….the glory days.

• It’s a good thing that Elvis (our little TiVo man) recorded the pageant. Otherwise, I probably would have thrown Oscar towards the tv due to my HATRED of the song “Love is Where You Find It” This song shows up in EVERY PAGEANT, EVERY YEAR!! Mark my bloggy words, it will be at Miss America!

• I’m not sure what I think about the girl dressed in feathers dancing to the Lion King??? A-coon-a-ma-tata!!

• Did it bother anyone else that the Michael Jackson song from Free Willy was played during the portion of the show where the girls were being turned on a platform like mannequins?? Just asking……

• Seeing the girls in their little bathing suits all tan and fit made me want to march right on over to the freezer and get more strawberry Starbucks ice cream!! Can I get an A-Men from the crowd??

• I found it a little disturbing that the girls who were not in the top 10 had to come back on stage singing “We are the Champions”…….Ummmm…..NO. I wouldn’t do it. I would protest. If I had lost, and had spent more money on dresses than I received in scholarships, there’s no way in Heck that I would sing about being a Champion. Would you??? I think not.

• UUHHHH!!!! Elvis let me down. He let me REAL down. He left the building before the pageant announced the winner!!! He clipped the last minute of the pageant-thus making me watch it online. Luckily, I didn’t thrown Oscar at the tv, mainly due to the fact that I would had to get off the couch to pick him up, and we all know that wasn’t happening on a Sunday afternoon when it’s raining outside. You have a better chance of me wearing a bathing suit while Free Willy plays in the background.

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