Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Ellie!!

It's my mama's birthday!!

When I called mom this week to confirm her age so I could buy the correct candles for her cake, she said NO! She doesn't want any reminder that she is a year older. Mom- here are the top 10 reasons why you are loved so much. Happy Birthday! MUAH!

1. You provide us with endless laughs (even if you don't mean too)!!

2. Your kitchen is always open to us. And we love you for that.

3. Thanks for always answering your phone and letting us vent.

4. Thanks for being optimistic when we call and vent.

5. Thanks for our family dinners for Nathan. Those are some of the best times and dinners ever. (disclaimer: before Nathan leaves for offshore, mom plans a great fam dinner)

6. Thanks for keeping Oscar. Especially knowing that he likes to poop on your nice rugs.

7. Thank you for constantly pushing us and encouraging us to become better.

8. Thanks for buying our favorite groceries although we don't live with you. It's a great feeling opening your pantry and finding Swiss Rolls.

9. Thank you for making time to spend with your children. You have always made us feel special.

10. We hope you enjoy your Birthday dinner that H, dad and myself make for you. You can be on poop patrol with Oscar while we cook for you!


  1. I guess your never to old to cry! I do Love ALL of you and Thank The Lord for the time we have together!
    Be careful traveling! Love, Mom

  2. OOOPS!!! Thank You for the B-Day Wishes!!!