Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NOLA: Part 1

Over the weekend, the Walley fam hopped on down to New Orleans. Good times were had by all and much food was consumed. We wipped oil off of our shrimp and kept eating!

Meet Haleigh. She is 16 and wearing a smashing purple dress. I think I'll help myself to borrowing it.

H and I look so cute in our matching pastels don't you think??

Haleigh and Aunt Lisa decided to match too! Not really. When you leave as early as we did, and you hop in the car and realize you have coordinating outfits, you are past the point of caring. And you just embrace the fact that you are going to New Orleans. The city where people paint their bodies in silver paint then ask for a $1. The city where you can get by wearing or smellin’ like whatever.

The purpose of this Walley adventure was to take Pop to the WWII Museum. He absoutely loved it!! He looked so cute in blue and white gingham shirt wearing his WWII Veteran lanuard that was partly covering the ketchup stain from lunch on his shirt. Pop posed for pics all day long that Haleigh and I took of him. Precious. Our Precious Pop. The trip was a 100% success with many laughs and LOTS TO EAT!! I'll save those mouth watering pics for tomorrow. It's lunch time, and I think if I were to look at them, I would start eating the screen off my little laptop.

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