Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bahamas Part I

So H made good on his promise. I’m actually sitting in the Bahamas airport right now paying good money for internet just so I can entertain myself with my blog/facebook. Here’s some highlights in no particular order.

1. I ate my weight in breakfast every day. In one day alone- I ate 2 hamburgers in addition to my other meals. I don’t know what it is about a vacay, but I tend to eat a WHOLE LOT MORE!!! We did an all inclusive resort, so in theory, the food is free. And I love free. So I tend to sample everything. Twice.

2. I watched girls do water aerobics in the pool. They wanted me to join. I said “nope, I’m vacayin’. No strenuous activity will be done this week. Even if I’m submersed in water.” Plus I didn’t want to put down my Bahama Mama.

3. I don’t do well on planes. However, with the combination of 1 Dramamine and the white noise, I was knocked out. H ended up moving seats so I could use both of our seats to curl up in a ball. I didn’t know that he left. Nice feeling when you are waking up….on a plane….drugged.

4. There will be more stories, info, and pics to come. I don’t want to overload.

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  1. Yes, I stalk your blog :) Allen and I are looking for somewhere to go next spring and from your pics, this looks great! Where was it, where did you stay and would you recommend it? Love your blog!