Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday....

So, my thoughts for today keep taking me back to this:

And this:

And a little more of this:

But, I am also thinking about the AMAZING weekend we are going to have in VEGAS (Starkvegas)!!!

I have been pretty much yelling “Maroon” expecting H to yell back “White.”

I may have sang the fight song while cooking dinner. And I may have written a check to MSU giving a donation due to the letter they sent me today. They simply caught me in a giving and MSU mood.

The big question looming over our house right now is, what cowbell we will be using this weekend (we have 4), and I need to pull out the pom-poms.

I could not contain my excitement any more, I ironed my white skirt and maroon shirt.

Hail Dear Old State!!

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  1. Have fun with that! If you need to call us, we will yell "white" right back to you! We understand the MSU football fever!