Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rest Your Bell......Just Yell!

Can I tell you about the FAB time we had on Saturday?? If I could describe the perfect football game ever- well, it would be Saturday’s game.

Let’s begin with the recap shall we??

For the first time ever, we do not have season tickets. Due to work schedules etc, we (really meaning H) decided not to buy them. H wants to just buy the tickets to the games that we REALLY want to go to. So, when we make it to Starkville, the first thing we did was find a bookie.

I couldn’t really get pumped at our tailgate knowing there was a small percentage I would not be in the game. As we went corner to corner in the junction, I was hot, hungry and ready to see friends…….so when a bookie asked us if we wanted to sit club level on the West side…….I pretty much said “YES!! We’ll take them. H, get your wallet out.”

Now, you have to understand that I love football, but more importantly I love chairback seats, and hotdogs with no wait time, and no line bathrooms. So, I was pretty much jumping up and down at the goodness of our seats. Did I mention the constant breeze we felt?? Or that the Bulldogs DOMINATED!!

Now that it is legal for MSU fans to ring their cowbells (this is great news for me due to the fact H would have me smuggle his bell in my purse)- the cheerleaders made these great signs to let us know what to do and when. However, it is just me, but does this cute little cheerleader holding a sign that says "Dude"????

It was the white out game. But yet I wore a maroon shirt. Do you know why?? Well, I didn't have an appropriate white shirt. And we live in BS, which means, drive an hour to buy a white shirt. So, I sported the maroon. With pride. For my Bulldogs.


  1. So this cute little cheerleader holding the word dude is Pebbles.. I cheered with her at Jones!

  2. I was Google imaging a picture of a cowbell and it brought me to the picture of you and Katie. Small world! Hope you are doing great!