Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rebellious Buddy

Let me take this bloggy moment to update you on buddy.

Oh my little Oscar has been acting out to say the least. There has been talk of a baby in ear shot of Oscar. And he hasn’t liked it one bit. EVERYONE seems to think that we NNEEEDD a baby. Oscar does not. Aunt L even told Oscar that he needs to come and live with her after we have said baby. Oscar then pooted on her. He is not a fan of the baby talk.

While H and I were traveling in the Bahamas, I get this email from mom.

O-Man is doing fine! He did have to have a bath because the animal came out of him and he rolled in cat poop!! (and I just thought it was dust!!!) But Nooooo! He smelled awful!!! He smelled so bad that Mighty Rex would not even get around him. He got so quiet and still because I don't think he could stand the smell of himself!!! I had to bathe him outside! 1st washing was with JOY! 2nd washing was with Tresseme!!! He did fine with the bathing process! Actually, I think he was grateful!!!

Act out #1.

Then Lil Man continues to act out. He rolled in nasty fishy, shrimpy water that pumped out of dad’s deep-sea fishing boat. Dad called and said that he was watching Oscar in the act. Mom had to bathe him again. Same song- same dance.

Act out #2

Aunt L and I made a little flying trip to Birmingham to drop some cash on shopping. H was out of town, so O-man went to mom and dad’s. I couldn’t get 1 foot out of the car door before mom said that I need to bathe buddy due to more cat poo. Same song and dance.

Act out #3

So, my little family is all together again in BS. H is home for lunch- I let buddy out to use the bathroom. I watched him do his business and then let him back in. I was in the process of giving him his treat, but he wouldn’t come and get it. He crouched down. In combat position. I walk to him to pet him, and OH MY WORD!!! THE STENCH!!! It was BAD!! REAL BAD!!! More poo!!! 3 baths later and some of H’s man shower gel, he finally smelled better!!

Act out #4

I can’t IMAGINE what my rebellious child will do when he does have to share the spot light. Good Gosh!! He will probably try to roll in baby poo at the rate he is going!

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