Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday....

1. Well Hello. I am STELLAR today. Partly due to dinner..... (I made beer bread and ale braised sausage with bell peppers and onions and served it over smashed potatoes. I’m going to go out on a limb and say all of that beer gave me my headache last night.)....and Modern Family last night. My favorite quote from last night’s show “Yesterday’s lazy helps today’s crazy.” How true is that!! I have pulled the same stunt Cam did on the show last night. Except I wasn’t in a Superman outfit. I just needed to change from a skirt to pants and looked in the rearview mirror (saw my dry cleaning) and sang up a Hallelujah.

2. Brother is in Brazil. And I miss him. I cried the night before he left. Only due to him making me laugh until I was doubled over. He makes me laugh like none-other. It doesn’t matter what we talk about, he can dial it in. Anyway, brother has made fun of me for 3 years for doing Dave Ramsey. Before we went to Atlanta over the summer, he called to make sure I didn't forget my “Hot-Lanta envelope.” When we actually paid for meals, etc. out of our envelope he died laughing. Anyway, Brother was looking for some reading material in the Houston airport for his 12 hour flight (yes- I would DIE if I had to ride for 12 hours. On a plane. Good Gosh!) and this is the pic that he send me.

Then I called him. He said “what the heck. It’s time I live like no one else.” Umm, brother, you have been. However, you have been doing the opposite of what Dave says. You have it backwards. He texted me yesterday and said he is taking his money by the horns. I’m proud, but I told him to do it after he buys my Christmas gifts. I mean, why change now?? Don’t rush into anything.

3. What’s up with the weather?? Cold in the morning but 93’ in the afternoon?? Let’s come to a happy median.

4. How about the Bulldogs!! We are traveling to Starkville to see them play this weekend! WHOO HOO!!

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