Friday, October 22, 2010

Dad's 55th Annual Birthday Celebration.

So, Dad's a year older. And due to that......we threw him a little party. A few weeks ago in the process of moving, I asked Dad what he wanted for this birthday. He said that he wanted a party on our deck. And a deer camera. Done and done.

We threw a little party for dad. On the deck.

We also threw Brother's name on the cake too. His birthday is election day....and he is leaving for Brazil sometime this weekend. So, we celebrated him too.

And we celebrated the fact the CK, his FAB girlfriend, actually made it to SH and BS. Bless her little heart. Oh, bless it. She was to meet brother at mom and dad's then ride with brother to BS. The closer she got to SH, the worse her cellphone went out. Brother couldn't call and she had no clue where she was! Here's the part that makes you feel good about living in a S-M-A-L-L town: she stopped at a local gas station and asked if she was close to SH. Our friend who was working that day said "honey, your there.....who are you looking for?" CK replied....and our dear friend gave CK directions to mom and dad's front door. It sounds like the typical first five minutes of a Lifetime movie.

A good time was had by all. Dad received his deer camera. And we laughed until we cried on the deck. And it all started with H asking Mom-o if she believed if the Brett Favre scandal was real. It went down hill from there....and fast. But, it was funny!!!

And the Bulldogs won. And the Black Bears lost. Happy Birthday Dad! You old man! :)

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