Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday....

1. We are finished moving. Can I get an AMEN!!

2. Dad’s birthday was a total success. More to come on that one. However, I am still in shock due to the fact that dad knows who “The Situation” is. I mean……WHAT THE!!! Dad. My dad. The dad who watches Fox News in all of its variations. The man who will try and hide the remote from me at his house if I want to watch reality tv. That man knows about “The Situation.” Heck..I couldn’t even pick out that guy in a crowd if Oscar’s little life depended on it. For the record, I do not watch Jersey Shore. The way this all started was due Mom and Aunt T…….who were yapping it up in the kitchen doing dishes. Well, they started sounding like a couple of “Jersey women” because Aunt T pronounced “for” a little too Northern to us. So, we lit into her. And dad brought up “The Situation” which totally took the spotlight off of Aunt T. If Dad starts recording Jersey Shore on Elvis…….them mom will have a real situation on her hands!

3. I ordered new deck furniture 3 weeks ago from the Wal-Marts. If you are friends with me, you know how much I LOATHE the Wal-Marts. However, they did have the furniture that I wanted.

Isn’t it purdy! So now, our deck it pretty much HeAvEn on earth and I never want to leave. Anyway, Wal-Marts………well, I ordered the furniture IN PLENTY OF TIME to be here for dad’s shin-dig. DO YOU KNOW WHEN IT ARRIVED??? That would be the day after. I had to BORROW furniture for the party! A big thanks go out to Wal-Marts again! But, I love it and that out weights the fact I didn’t have enough seating. It took 3 men to load it…….and drum roll please…..I unloaded it all by my lonesome. H was at work, and by golly, it was DETERMINED to have it set up when he came home. So, to aid in my determination, I even asked our neighbors to come over for dessert and sit on the new furniture (at this point, I had not even opened the box). I needed a little push to get going. Also, while I’m patting myself on the back, I also hung curtains by myself. H was at work. And I was DETERMINED…again. I sent him a pic of them hanging up with my phone. The boy wasn’t all that impressed I don’t think………..he replied back with “how did you measure??” And I was delighted to no end when I replied back with “my thermometer.” Listen. Don’t make fun of me. Dad is an engineer, and I married one. At times, I think like one (one that is lazy). The tape measure was on the deck, and I didn’t want to leave the bedroom, so I grabbed the 1st thing that was close to the size I thought I needed. And it worked. The end.

4. How about them DAWGS!!! I’m so proud to be a Bulldog! #24. Gee Golly…’s been a while. Bowling anyone??

5. This is my 175th bloggy post.


  1. Love Oscar on the chair - it's like he is ruler of the deck (which I'm sure he is)!

  2. Oh, about that "Situation" thing....Let's just say I get around. I may be the double nickel, but I know some stuff!! Dad