Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mouse in the House

We have had a mouse in our house since Sunday morning. I woke up early to make a casserole to take to Church and I thought that I saw something flash to the left of me. I dismissed it due to the fact that:

1. I was still upset that the Bulldogs lost. I thought for a brief moment that we could pull it out.
2. I had ZERO caffeine in my body. Anything can happen when I’m not properly fueled.

I saw the flash again. By this point, H and Oscar had awakened from the dead and decided to join me in the kitchen. Then…..I screamed…..and jumped on the couch……then lil’ buddy joined me. Oscar thought it was a game. He didn’t bark or try to chase the little mouse. Comforting. Such a great furious little dog.

Sunday afternoon, we launched Operation Kill A Mouse.

We have so many sticky traps around the house, there has been talk of buying Oscar some shoes.

On Monday night, H decides we need to name the nimbus that is controlling our life. So, we go through a list.

1. Mighty Mouse
2. Mickey Mouse
3. Cam Newton
4. D. Conn
5. Dead

H wasn’t please with any of our names. I really didn’t care. I wanted him DEAD!! I have felt nasty since Sunday. So we launched an overhaul. I came home last night to find this written on our menu’ board:

Boris. H named his Boris. He said the name Boris sounds sneaky and sly. Boris.
I’m happy to report that the $974.29 spent on sticky pads didn’t go to waste. Due to strategic placement, Boris didn’t even make it in the house last night! SUCKA!!! THIS IS MY HOUSE. (well, actually, it’s not, but I LIVE HERE!!)

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  1. We had a mouse in our house last year and was able to trap him in the bathroom and he somehow made it into the bathtub and couldn't get out, so we turned on the water. We have another one that came around recently, scared me half to death at 2 a.m. pulling on my phone charger cord next to my head! Will went to WalMart and bought those things that plug into your wall outlets, haven't heard or seen it since.